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Added by Chriszlf on February 15, 2017 at 1:20pm — No Comments

Toyo Ito & Associates Tama Art University Library

Following this discussion here are some other elements to replicate arches styles of Tama Art University Library. I didn't try to replicate the sloping floor. 

First the arches,  I used 7 points Weighted Nurbs Curves with 5 points with a weight of 1 and 2 points with a variable weight (0.66 seems to be a…


Added by Laurent Delrieu on February 13, 2017 at 2:14pm — No Comments

Kartal Pendik Masterplan by Zaha Hadid Architects (GH Analysis)

I undertook this project to learn more about the use of parametric systems in urban design. My intentions were to recreate the Kartal Pendik Masterplan and understand the principles behind it. As this is an ongoing project I do not expect to create exact copy of the project, but to get myself thinking in a linear logical way despite the experimental nature of the project. Here is some more information on the project by the lead architect Patrick Schumacher: The project is to constitute a…


Added by Tsvetan Hristov on February 12, 2017 at 4:57am — No Comments

TORO Plugin for Stadium + auditorium design and analysis



Announcing the plugin Toro for the definition of stadium and auditorium geometry and analysis of spectator view quality. The plugin implements the 'cValue' sight-line method to generate geometry which is standard in UK (HMSO 2008) and European stadiums. The…


Added by roly hudson on February 9, 2017 at 1:52pm — 2 Comments

Simulating River Meandering Dynamics & Oxbow

Thanks for the inspiration and help from Noah Marble

Origin post

Added by Qiran Zhang on February 6, 2017 at 12:30pm — 2 Comments

Tunnel Segmental Liner Orientation

A "proof-of-concept" definition to arrange tunnel segmental ringsets along an arbitrary curve. Demonstrated for a planar curve only (so far).

This has not been validated against a real-life example yet.…


Added by Chris Mealing on February 4, 2017 at 11:11pm — No Comments

Updated geodesic dome definition (finally!)

I don't know why it struck me to update this after 5(!) years, but here we are:…


Added by Chris Mealing on February 3, 2017 at 12:30am — No Comments

Wavy Facade Study-Basel Messe(H&M)


Added by Hyungsoo Kim on January 25, 2017 at 6:30am — 1 Comment

new link Gh primer italy


Abbiamo messo on line il nuovo sito , il link al primer di GH in italiano lo trovate qui

inoltre abbiamo una sezione dedicata con i  nostri esperimenti e discussioni qui




Added by giorgio gurioli on January 22, 2017 at 2:55am — No Comments

Publishing a new book for Grasshopper (Parametric Design with Grasshopper)

We are pleased to announce a new publication for Grasshopper (both print + kindle) written by Yuko Ishizu and Junichiro Horikawa and it is going to be published on 2017/01/26! The book contains the basic for Grasshopper + 52 recipes for various shapes and modeling methods with a download link for…


Added by Junichiro Horikawa on January 17, 2017 at 12:30am — 6 Comments

training Rhino

Hi everyone.

I work on rhino 6 years. I can this program well.

I speak little English.

I would like someone to teach in exchange for learning simple English. 
A simple conversation in English by skype of rhino.

Best regards Andrzej

Added by Skalany Andrzej on January 10, 2017 at 2:14pm — 1 Comment


So I've been working on a more haptic way of designing, as I felt a necessity to be in more dynamic control of my final designs. Surprisingly, I felt like communicating with my design when I created the Cordyceps. Maybe some of you find this helpful/useful.

So basically, the Cordyceps is a physical…


Added by Zakaria Djebbara on January 10, 2017 at 2:00am — No Comments

Simple Definition for frit pattern

Hey guys, 

I need to create a quick definition to somewhat replicate the patterning below. 

I can't get the rows the fade / randomize the way I want. My go to guy is on vacation still, so can someone point me toward something I can use for reference?

I'm embarrassingly rusty with this. 

Much appreciated. -…


Added by T.J. Howells on January 5, 2017 at 2:52pm — 1 Comment

How To Finally Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

Maybe he's been hurt in the past and now before he shows any feelings towards a woman, he will make sure first, that he's never going to be conned again. Women become very frustrated with men when they start playing their mind games. Reading a person's feelings could be a woman's forte but she's simply baffled once a man starts playing tricks on her mind. So why do men play these mind games, anyway? His insecurity makes him do it. This man is probably emotionally insecure and so he's…


Added by Felicia Matthew on January 4, 2017 at 4:30am — 9 Comments

1. Gh User Meeting in Berlin (20.01.17)

Dear All and especially Berliners!

We are exited to announce the first Gh User Meeting on Friday, 20th of January 2017 6 pm at the Fab Lab Berlin. We will have some short presentations about Gh-related projects followed…


Added by Christian Schmidts on January 3, 2017 at 8:49am — No Comments

Hammered glass into radiance

hallo community :)

does anyone know how to add hammered glass into radiance-Honeybee? (please see attached picture: hammered_glass_SIGCO.JPG)

I managed to do only the following but i have no similar effect of what i want :(…


Added by nass on January 3, 2017 at 5:00am — No Comments

What is the best rendering engine

Although this topic doesn't directly relate to parametric design, we all have to render our work.  I use Brazil and I think it's great.  I know a lot of folks who use Vray and contend it is the best.  I know a few people using maxwell.  What are your opinions on rendering engines?

Added by Shihab Naeem on December 29, 2016 at 7:14pm — 2 Comments

Display Heatmap Component

This component displays a grid of values on the canvas.

It receives a list of values and the amount of values in the U direction.


This uses the gradients of the [Gradient] component, allows you to change the interpolation (only for the display) and save the image (the number of values in U will be the width in…


Added by Daniel González Abalde on December 29, 2016 at 5:00am — 2 Comments


Added by Ninja on December 26, 2016 at 10:43pm — No Comments

Finding funicular forms using dynamic weights

During form-finding of funicular networks, dynamic weights that update per time-step relative to a local measure are interesting... not least because such systems often converge when intuition says they should explode.

For the case of a tensile spring network in 3 dimensions, the equilibrium…


Added by John Harding on December 20, 2016 at 7:41am — 9 Comments

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