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Introduction to Grasshopper Videos by David Rutten.

Wondering how to get started with Grasshopper? Look no further. Spend an some time with the creator of Grasshopper, David Rutten, to learn the fundamental of Grasshopper. No experience necessary. This 13 part series covers topics that will help you build a foundational understanding of Grasshopper.

Luis Fraguada and O'Reilly Media has published a series of training videos,Visual Programming in Rhino3D with GrasshopperFor architects and designers who work with complex shapes and surfaces,Grasshopper is a visual programming tool to create rules and parameters that can be easily changed and updated. You can check out several of the training videos for free. Try them ....

ModeLab has published a foundations manual to help people get a basic understanding of Grasshopper. This primer and other tutorials are available on our Tutorials page...

ModeLab has uploaded a lot of quality webinars and tutorials on their website, be sure to check them out.

Nick Senske of University of North Carolina  has posted a new Grasshopper Training Series on his website. This channel contains tutorials for his courses at UNC Charlotte's Architecture program: Digital Fundamentals, Computational Methods, and Second Year Architecture Studio (ARCH2102)

Video tutorials are available at, Visual introduction to Grasshopper...

Zubin Khabazi, a graduate from EmTech, Architectural Association (AA), London, has published an on-line book of his design experiments in architecture and related fields in geometry. This is a new edition updated August 15th, 2012. You can download the book here:
Generative Algorithms with Grasshopper version 2.0

 In Italiano Di Antonino Marsala


Generative Algorithms 한국어 번역본

Arturo Tedeschi, architect and computational designer, has released a new book AAD Algorithms-Aided Design (published by Le Penseur). The book provides computational techniques to develop and control complex geometries, covering parametric modeling, digital fabrication techniques, form-finding strategies, environmental analysis and structural optimization. It also features case studies and contributions by researchers and designers from world’s most influential universities and leading architecture firms. More Information >>

Grasshopper ile Parametrik Modelleme (Parametric Modeling with Grasshopper), written by Tuğrul Yazar and Serkan Uysal, both academics of architecture, is the first comprehensive book on Grasshopper in Turkish. The book explores various aspects of parametric modeling through six chapters and features a total of 265 example definitions, which can also be downloaded from the publisher's website. For further details please visit:

Ball State University’s i.M.A.D.E  institute has posted a series of new Grasshopper tutorials on their website. Tutorials include Visual IntroductionLists + Data MatchingParametric CurvesParametric TrussSurface Component TilingSurface to Planar TrianglesAdjustable LouversSpaceframeImage Heightfields

Dario Donato director di SpatialConnection(s), incubatore di ricerca per una creatività matematica, ha il piacere di annunciare il libro: Contaminazioni creative digitali – Trascrizioni di una complessità algoritmica attraverso Rhino.Grasshopper

Transcripts of a complexity algorithmic through Rhino and Grasshopper. This is a transcript of the complexity of the contemporary world through the project of architecture and design...


If you’re looking for a nice collection of Grasshopper tutorials then jump over to Designalyze

Here are a series of beginner and advanced tutorials from our friends at Studio Mode...

This tutorial series was developed for the Design Studio AIR at the University of Melbourne, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning. The series tries to introduce some of the simpler concepts of Grasshopper within more complex definitions to generate more interesting demonstrations and uses reverse-engineering of exciting contemporary computational design projects. Content developed and presented by Gwyllim Jahn. Creative team - Stanislav Roudavski, David Lister.  To find out more about their current work, visit the elsewarecollective and the ex-lab out of Melbourne Australia

Zubin Khabazi, a graduate of EmTech, Architectural Association (AA), London, has added to his Generative Algorithms series:

Weaving Patterns. 

You can download the book here:
Generative Algorithms - Weaving

Strip Morphologies. 

You can download the book here:
Generative Algorithms - Strip Morphologies

Porus structures. 

You can download the book here:
Generative Algorithms - Porous Structures

Essential Mathematics 3rd Edition uses Grasshopper to introduce design professionals to foundation mathematical concepts that are necessary for effective development of computational methods for 3D modeling and computer graphics. Written by Rajaa Issa.

Versione italiana del tutorial Essential Mathematics, tradotta da Nando Varriale

While we are translating the new edition, the previous edition is available in four languages:

Essential Mathematics 2nd Edition in Korean

Essential Mathematics 2nd Edition(日本語)

Essential Mathematic 2nd Edition in Traditional Chinese (繁體中文版)

Essential Mathematic 2nd Edition in Simplified Chinese(簡體中文版)

Matemáticas Esenciales para diseño computacional

Versión en Español del tutorial Essential Mathematics, traducido por Jose Luis y Fernando García del Castillo.

Digital Toolbox has over 38 tutorials for all levels of experience. The Tutorials are organised into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels.



FORMul[a]RCH is a great blog containing personal explorations and examples of popular generative design techniques.


Antonio Turiello, ricercatore indipendente nel campo del design generativo con Grasshopper, condivide nel suo blog strumenti utili per imparare tecniche essenziali di modellazione algoritmica.
Antonio Turiello, independent researcher about generative design with Grasshopper, shares through his blog useful tools for learning essential algorithmic modeling techniques.


Andy Payne, LIFT architects, This is the original classic Grasshopper.  It is a bit outdated, although it may help people get a basic understanding of Grasshopper. You can download the pdf and the source files from his website
The Grasshopper Primer - English
Manual de Grasshopper - Versión Español

Manuale di Grasshopper – Versione italiana

The Grasshopper Primer第二版中文教程下載

Grasshopper Primer 한국어 번역본

Click on the list below or see more at Grasshopper Tutorials in the Rhino Blog...


Click on the list below or see more at Tutorials in the Grasshopper Blog...

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