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For designers who are exploring new shapes using generative algorithms, Grasshopper® is a graphical algorithm editor tightly integrated with Rhino’s 3-D modeling tools. Unlike RhinoScript, Grasshopper requires no knowledge of programming or scripting, but still allows designers to build form generators from the simple to the awe-inspiring.

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There are many resources available to learn more about Grasshopper. 


Introduction to Grasshopper Videos by David Rutten.

Wondering how to get started with Grasshopper? Look no further. Spend an some time with the creator of Grasshopper, David Rutten, to learn the fundamental of Grasshopper. No experience necessary. This video series and many other tutorials are available on our Tutorials page...

Also, check out these tutorial videos...

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karamba replied to Kibito Tato's discussion Reciprocal truss System in the group karamba
"Dear Kibito, you have to introduce nodes where elements are supposed to connect. You could use hinges or springs to make the behavior of the connections more realistic - otherwise the connections are rigid. Best, Clemens "
4 minutes ago
Austin Herrema replied to CHENGLONG WANG's discussion Remove knot from NURBS curve or Surface, like command "RemoveKnot" or "RemoveMultiKnot"
"Hi Stephen, Thanks for your reply. I'm working with Chenglong on this project and can provide some imagery to better describe our problem. We have a set of airfoil profiles that are defined by a large number (about 400) control points (getting…"
26 minutes ago
Thomas Lechner replied to Claudio Campanile's discussion Simulating IES lamps file through RAD materials in the group Ladybug + Honeybee
"I am really looking forward to that implementation =) Thank you for your great work"
32 minutes ago
jozze posted a discussion

can´t get rid of Wb Catmull`s error

hello,I´d like to use more than one attractor to deform a Voronoical cell set to later apply an skeletal algorithm found on this post. The algorithm works fine…See More
44 minutes ago
Matt Hutchinson replied to Matt Hutchinson's discussion Smallest Angle Between closest neighbors?
"Alex (or anyone else for that matter) I'm afraid this last solution is giving some mixed results. I'm not sure how to tweak it to get the desired results. I think that: (A) that the lines coming from the nodes are not necessarily oriented…"
52 minutes ago
Johnson Moc replied to Johnson Moc's discussion Kangaroo geometry and particle organizing list
54 minutes ago
Örn Erlendsson replied to Reinier Zeldenrust's discussion Testing a list of options using Honeybee / E+ in the group Ladybug + Honeybee
"Hi Chris, sorry for the late reply. I've been busy at work. I tried connecting the "WriteRAD" and "RunRAD" to the same boolean toggle as you suggested, and that seems to work. Thanks!Brute Force seems to require more than…"
1 hour ago
Aaron Loomans replied to Aaron Loomans's discussion EP Custom Materials in the group Ladybug + Honeybee
"This is the file that works using just one layer of construction for the glass"
1 hour ago


can´t get rid of Wb Catmull`s error

Started by jozze in Discussion 44 minutes ago.

Smallest Angle Between closest neighbors? 8 Replies

Started by Matt Hutchinson in Discussion. Last reply by Matt Hutchinson 52 minutes ago.

Kangaroo geometry and particle organizing list 4 Replies

Started by Johnson Moc in Discussion. Last reply by Johnson Moc 54 minutes ago.

C# Delaunay solver syntax 23 Replies

Started by peter fotiadis in VB, C# and Python Coding. Last reply by peter fotiadis 3 hours ago.

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