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Weaverbird - Topological Mesh Editor

Weaverbird brings mesh editing, subdivision and mesh transformations to Rhino and Grasshopper users.

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Smoothing poly-surfaces extruded along a point 1 Reply

Hi,I'm very new to weaverbird and I have been trying to use the smoothing function to remove sharp edges of my polysurfaces (under the label augean stables). I would like them to look like a hill rather than pointy mountains if that makes sense.I cannot quite so easily figure out how to do so/what would be the most efficient way of getting it so anyone's help will be greatly appreciated!I've attached the screenshot as well as the rhino file of the surfaces I want to smooth. Thank you very…Continue

Started by S Chang. Last reply by Giulio Piacentino Nov 9, 2015.

Weaverbird can´t finde rhino 5 Replies

HiI hope someone can help me. I can´t  install weaverbird.I get this error. (see picture)Rhino and grashopper runf fine on my Windows 7 computer.I have tried than alternate method of installing described earlier but without successplz. help me. Continue

Started by Christian Perti. Last reply by Giulio Piacentino Aug 28, 2015.

Catmull-Clark Error, "Array is empty" 1 Reply

Hi everyone,I am fairly inexperienced with grasshopper and its various plugins so I am having a tough time trying to work this issue out on my own. I have been following an online tutorial: on how to make a diamond grid building skin. However, when I reach this last step, I receive an error when plugging my mesh into a catmull-clark subdivision saying "Array is empty". I am thinking it may have…Continue

Tags: weaverbird, catmull-clark

Started by Mateo. Last reply by Giulio Piacentino Aug 19, 2015.

weaverbird installation problem 19 Replies

Seems like I can't install the new version of weaverbird.When I run the installer all I get is this message: "There is a problem with this installer package. A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor."running Rhino 5 sr 6 and latest GH (0.9.66) on win 8.Any clues?Continue

Started by Carl Christofferson. Last reply by JAEHWA LEE Jun 30, 2015.

More Windows 8 Installation Problems 1 Reply

I am trying to install the latest version of weaverbird on windows 8 and can't seem to get anything installed.  I checked previous discussions on installing on…Continue

Started by Scott Overall. Last reply by Giulio Piacentino Jun 23, 2015.

Where is the weavebird clean up mesh component? 3 Replies

I want to smooth the Delaunay mesh but cannot use WB component,it says i should use weavebird clean up mesh component,but i can't find it.Does anybody know?Continue

Started by Andy Chen. Last reply by Giulio Piacentino Apr 23, 2015.

Edge Error 6 Replies

Hi everybody!I'm new to Weaverbird, and I've just started to play with it.I've found THIS tutorial, the .gh file works good, but when I've changed the original geometry (a sphere) into a brep, it happened this to the edges:As you can see…Continue

Started by Leonardo Roli. Last reply by Leonardo Roli Mar 6, 2015.

What is the problem here in flatten Tree -- Weaverbird Plugin ?? 2 Replies

I have repeated the same method that had exist on that file in yellow box. But Still there is a problem in flatten tree. I don't know what is the problem here ??? in the yellow box.. You will The file attached here .. Any Help please ?? Continue

Tags: Tree, Flatten, Weaverbird

Started by Hoda Tawkol. Last reply by Hoda Tawkol Mar 5, 2015.

Closed Plolyline erors in weaverbird

How can I solve the problem here ??? How can I get closed polyline ?? Continue

Tags: Polyline, Closed

Started by Hoda Tawkol Mar 5, 2015.

weavebird install problem where is my GH? 2 Replies

Hi all !Can you help me to understand the good way to install weavebird.It said that it can't find my grasshopper or old one?? how do i manage?thanks a lot.ivan AContinue

Started by assael ivan. Last reply by assael ivan Feb 12, 2015.


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