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Weaverbird - Topological Mesh Editor

Weaverbird brings mesh editing, subdivision and mesh transformations to Rhino and Grasshopper users.

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Weavebird istallation problem 7 Replies

Hi everybody. I can't resolve my problem. I have Rhino 5 SR 13 bit32, and grasshopper 27-2014. There is a problem whit the istaller package. I tried to istall the standard version and i got the message in attachment, then i asked for the "No admin version", but when i launched the istaller, i received the message in attach, and the sofware has not been istalled. ( I tried also to copy WeaverBird.rhp onto a running instance of Rhinoceros) but nothing happened. So something goes wrong,…Continue

Started by bbdick. Last reply by Giulio Piacentino Oct 2.

wbCatmullClark lowers subdivision level 3 Replies

I am using the wbCatmullClark component, and want to subdivide a mesh using level 4. The component tells me this warning:Subdivision level was lowered to 2 from 4: See "Dynamic preview..." to change thisWhat is dynamic preview, and how can I make sure wbCatmullClark will apply the subdivision level I asked it to apply?Continue

Started by Alexander Schiftner. Last reply by Giulio Piacentino Aug 30.

web 1 Reply

Is the website down?   I can not manage to to get to the link above.Continue

Started by Matthew calvin. Last reply by Giulio Piacentino Aug 30.

Weaverbird for the Mac 8 Replies

Hi allit's a great pleasure to be able to tell you that Weaverbird can now be installed on the Mac. The no-admin rights version is compatible with Grasshopper for Mac.To install:download the .zip filein ExplicitHistory/Grasshopper for Rhino for Mac, choose File -> Special Folders -> Components foldercopy all files, except weaverbird.rhp, to that folder.Enjoy,GiulioContinue

Started by Giulio Piacentino. Last reply by Lorenzo Franceschini Apr 18.

Child faces grouped by parent - script 1 Reply

I was using Loop subdivision, and needed to access groups of faces in the subdivided mesh according to the face in the original mesh they descended from, so I made a simple little script making use of the way Weaverbird orders its output to extract this. I'm sharing it here in case anyone else finds it useful:It takes as input…Continue

Started by Daniel Piker. Last reply by Giulio Piacentino Mar 23.

Instalation 2 Replies

Hi Wb,i'm trying to install Wb, but I get the message "Grasshopper missing", even if i have grasshopper installed.AnaContinue

Started by Ana Clara Vianna. Last reply by Ana Clara Vianna Feb 24.

Weaverbird 2 Replies

hi everyone !How To Install Weaverbird  into grasshopper ? i already copy file into C:\Program Files\Common Files\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\Plug-ins\Grasshopper (b45a29b1-4343-4035-989e-044e8580d9cf)\\Componentsand still does not work !Continue

Started by Beasn Abudayah. Last reply by Beasn Abudayah Jan 16.

Where is the weavebird clean up mesh component? 5 Replies

I want to smooth the Delaunay mesh but cannot use WB component,it says i should use weavebird clean up mesh component,but i can't find it.Does anybody know?Continue

Started by Andy Chen. Last reply by Giulio Piacentino Dec 13, 2016.

WeaverBird's Stellate mesh division changes the mesh orderings with the change of the curvture 1 Reply

Hi All,I have modeled a dome-shaped surface in GH and am using weaverbird to triangulate it. There is a parameter in GH which moves the corner points up/down thus changes the curvature. I need the triangulation numbers to be consistent for my future processes. However, weaverbird changes the numbering order of the mesh with the change of the curvature.  Is there a way that I can fix the order by telling weaverbird for example to stick to starting from the upper left corner and move vertically…Continue

Started by Nilou. Last reply by eminsua Nov 9, 2016.

Weaverbird : Loop Subdivision question

Hi all, I've created the initial with this function but there's one or two places I'd like to have more control on, in terms of thickness and angles.But I came to realised that tweaking these whilst keeping the original matrix wasn't as simple as I thought,I was wondering:A. if there's a way to 'loop subdivision' only the surface, keeping the top and bottom angle at right angle (see photo attached - A)B. thickening the branch between the two voids (left) without thickening/minimizing the…Continue

Started by Chung Nov 2, 2016.


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