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I've been trying to solve this by several approaches but couldn't fnd a way. I have a number of triangles with different proportions, and I'd like to map onto each one a reference shape I've drawn around a reference triangle.

The problem seems to be that the target triangles are generated by the three vertices as trimmed surfaces, and so if I use a bbox, the resulting box is not what I'd expect. Please see images attached.

All the examples I've found use four-sided cells. Is there any way to do this with triangles?


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Will a cow do ?

(mesh from here


Yeah, a toy-cow will do just fine.
Thinking about the possible uses of the mapping concept my mind got stuck on deforming/morphing. Thanks for un-stucking it with your collision detection idea!

heehe...  The cow jiggles like jello!

nice work!

is there any description about the transformation matrix component so I can understand what its doing?

Thanks a lot for all the replies. Now I have lots of homework to do... I'll post with more questions or (hopefully) success stories.


Very interesting discussion guys!
Nice work Jacek and Daniel, the cow animation is awesome:)
I am so going to play with this info asap:) Thanks.

Hi Guys,

Interesting Tread, I have been trying to hack the code posted by Daniel so i can map a mesh form from one extruded rombus box to another but as soon as i rotate or move the target box in anyway the closest point logic seems to fail and the mesh form in side the box is destroyed.

Any thoughts

thanks matt



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