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This forum has moved and is now closed to new threads.

We are working to combine the discussions about Rhino/Grasshopper and our development tools into one platform.  This forum is closed to an…

Started by Scott DavidsonLatest Reply

Read this first! How to get help on this forum.

Asking questions and getting answers is a big part of this Grasshopper Ning group. Although people are generally very helpful, there are th…

Started by David RuttenLatest Reply

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Distributing Hexagons on curved Surface with Sun attractor

Dear all, could you please help me in this.., I have a little experience in working with Grasshopper, and my intent was to distribute hexag…

Started by Sam Gulberg

6 yesterday
Reply by hetal desai

Problem on Gathering Ultrasonic Sensor Data Through Firefly

Hello,  I have been trying to get the data using the code  Firefly_Firmata_ping.ino uploaded by another user however in Grasshopper, I can…

Started by Cemre K.

2 on Friday
Reply by Troy Baverstock


I had to develop a definition to create a puzzle-like fabrication method from input polygons. This is the definition I have done. I am shar…

Started by Dimitar Baldzhiev

3 on Friday
Reply by peterpen


Hej, I did this porcelain model. The structure became like this by shrinking the surface. It now looks like wrinkles. I would like to build…

Started by Franziska Möhrle

2 on Friday
Reply by peterpen

How to interpret profiler time and number of component runs

I'm just wondering how to interpret the profiler number.  If the profiler says that it took 20ms, and the component says that it ran 5 time…

Started by Norm Sash

7 on Friday
Reply by Daan Iskander Janssen

Area of Closed planar curves

Hi, Basically I'm trying to measure area of various lots in a urban design. Firstly I thought I'm doing something wrong but I double checke…

Started by Jonish

3 on Friday
Reply by Alik Morogenov

Optimising Angular Facade in Galapagos

Hi guys, I am trying to optimise the facade below into around 10 standard panels. I have included the script I am currently using which lo…

Started by Matthew Barnacle

1 on Thursday
Reply by Michael Fagan

Rippled or Pillowed Surface

The best description that I can describe for the result I want to get is a pillowing surface. I have a reference picture further down below…

Started by Joshua Garcia

12 on Wednesday
Reply by Jana Teich

Multiple Split

This may just be me missing a tool but, I am trying to split a list into more than 2 parts (equal for this project).   What I have resorted…

Started by Seb Andraos

8 Apr 13
Reply by Congzheng ZOU

Modifying a curve through control points.

Namaste, I have recently started exploring grasshopper and was trying to understand points on curve and have a very basic question. I used…

Started by pBHATT

16 Apr 11
Reply by Louie Limjap






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