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Unable to get David Stasiuk's Marching Cubes definition to work...

I'm trying to accomplish an erosion effect like the image below using David Stasiuk's Marching Cubes, but I can't seem to get that definition--or any of his definitions-- to work.  And by "can't get them to work," I mean that nothing happens at all.  If I started w/ an empty Rhino viewport, the viewport remains empty.

I've never had issues with definitions in the past and I'm really at my wit's end.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Hello Chris,

David has shared Cocoon which i think is more robust than the definition.



Thanks, I'll try it out, Alex.  Hopefully, I can get a quality erosion effect w/ it like the image above.

Unlike Marching Cubes, Cocoon works which is great, but I'm having trouble accomplishing an erosion effect as good as the image above.

make sure you click on "Draw Shaded Preview Geometry"....right hand side of GH toolbar, directly above canvas.






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