algorithmic modeling for Rhino

i have been a Generative Components user for a long time and only an occasional grasshopper user. but i have been using it more and though i would start to port my C# libraries over. the first one is a minimal surface generator. i will release it as soon as i get 2 bugs worked out. 
here are some screen shots. the calculations are fast enough for real time feedback which is good. 

the plugin takes 4 boundary curves and stretches a minimal surface between them (think of the 4 curves as wires you dip in soap like frei otto) 

after i finish this i may port over a plugin that can read maya nParticles in real time and display them as point clouds with all the extra data (acceleration, speed, size, color...)

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i was able to get grasshopper to create the a tetragonal disphenoid and then into rhombic dodecahedron. this was inspired from Ken Brakke work with surface evolver.

Nice :) when can we expect it ;)


very soon as i was able to get one bug out of the way (thanks to this forum). the other bug should not take long, there is just a counting error somewhere and it should not be there since it works fine in GC!
Great :) Looking forward to it ..
Looking forward to give it a try!
i am releasing the first iteration of the minimal surface generator. you can get the file on my site at

post any problems you have in this thread.
very handy! thanx for sharing it
just tried it. it's a lot of fun!
Pretty nice module. Works fine.

Is there a chance to enhance this edge curve module to also utilize curves on a curve
and making it work similar to a curve network node?
it should work fine with curves on a curve. the module just needs 4 curves.
I'm going to try It! Seems that it doesn't work with the 0.6.0059 version. I can't see the scripting component!

The archive contains an unrecognized object: Minimal Surface {9c51b5b7-be26-4135-a7c6-dd8fbed3806d}

This object cannot be deserialized

Many thanks!!!
hi carlo

i have installed it with 06.0059 no problem
you had copied the gha into grasshopper/component?






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