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image sampler: why I cant use it to show the image?

I have some issues with component 'imagesampler'.  After putting the components 'rec grid' and 'imageSampler' together, I can't see the image.  Anyone knows what cause the problem?

I here attached a screen shot, my ghx file, and the image I use.

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I wish David can look at my Q and give me some lights. After trying several things, I began to have sth to show. But I felt this imageSampler used alot of computer resources.
you need to sample the pixels in the image sampler... so plug in a range component to a PointXYZ (into the X and Y inputs for example, z i not useful in this case) and cross reference the pointXYZ...plug THAT into the image sampler...the default output is RGB values, but you can change the filter (by right clicking on the image sampler) to give you other data sets...
Hi, luis: Thanks for the reply.

I am stuck. Trying to minic what you said, but still can't get what I need.
If you double click on the image sampler, you'll see a domain setting in the dialog that pops up. The sampler is using that domain to determine which pixel to sample. I believe it should be 0 to 1 by default, so think of it like a reparameterized surface.
Unplug the slider from the range. The range component should just be default (from 0 to 1) for sampling the image, or change the sampling range in the imagesample as Damien says. You can combine with two ranges (one for image sampling, one for point spacing).

What is the last second one besides the circle component?

I made my scheme work now. The issue indeed was with the domain inside image setting. I set it up so high that the image was out of bound.
slightly different with "photoshop treatment.


Thank you very much for the help. I will check your files and concept.

I further developed my file. There are more issues need to be resolved. Pls check the image file I posted. My idea is extruding the area pixeled with the image, other area will not be influenced.

The ideal situation is to using the output from "image sampler" component to set the location and size for the extrusion. No success so far.






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