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I'm trying to project a curve to a Brep using RhUtil.RhinoProjectCurvesToBreps and am having troubles with firstly creating an array for the projected curves. I can send the projected curves out as a VB output 'A' but need to send them to an array within the VB component.

Dim arrCrv As New OnCurveArray()
RhUtil.RhinoProjectCurvesToBreps(arrBrep.ToArray(), inCrv.ToArray(), inVec, arrCrv, Nothing, Nothing, tol)

This is the error I get with the script:
Value of type 'RMA.OpenNURBS.OnCurveArray' cannot be converted to '1-dimensional array of RMA.OpenNURBS.OnCurve'.


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From just that error (I haven't taken an actual look yet), it would seam that you can not simply pass an OnCurveArray out of a scripting component. That means that you will have to manually step through the OnCurveArray and put all the items into a normal array of OnCurves or a generic List of OnCurves. Just a few lines, so no big worry

Dim FinalCrvs as new List(OnCurve)
For i=0 to OnCrvArr.Count -1
Substitute the line:
Dim arrCrv As New OnCurveArray()
Dim arrcrv(0) As oncurve

You can also have different components connected together, and not everything has to be in one component (depending on what you are doing). Also, there's a component that does just this, are you sure you can't connect the result of this component to a component to avoid writing the code?
Thanks Vincent - I didn't know about this code at all - works perfectly. I do need to write this up in VB as it's a recursive function. The only other question I have is how to create a bounding box for a list of curves (not separate BB's but one for the entire list)?

Damien - 'Generic List of Curves' does not work as it needs an Array - same goes for projected points - thanks for looking anyway.






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