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We are working to combine the discussions about Rhino/Grasshopper and our development tools into one platform.  This forum is closed to an…

Started by Scott DavidsonLatest Reply

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recursive union in C#

Hi Guys, I am writing a script to create a recursive boolean function in c# and I reached a good level where all the intersected geometries…

Started by ghaith Tish

24 on Friday
Reply by Thomas R Williams

DataTree,List,Item access from grasshopper-python

Hi,   I'm using the python component for grasshopper, and have wondered to access to the data structure which grasshopper consists.    usin…

Started by Yasushi Sakai

29 on Thursday
Reply by Nico Azel

Subsurface in c#

Hi all, I am a beginner of c# and what I am trying to do is to subdivide a surface into an equal size. However, I found some issues: I tho…

Started by ZAQI FATHIS

5 on Wednesday
Reply by jason mike

Clusters as Component

Hi!, I'm looking for a little tutorial on how to create a new component out of a simple cluster or a simple C# definition. Just to start ma…

Started by Natalia De Leon

7 on Wednesday
Reply by jason mike

C# How to refer input parameters between //custom additional code//

Hello everyone, I'd like to refer DataTree<double> parameter that connected left side of GH Component. Usually, I succeeded in priv…

Started by Shimpei Kojima

4 on Wednesday
Reply by jason mike

Default input menu for custom component

Hi all,  I am pretty sure there is a simple answer to this question, but I can't seem to find it in any of the posts.  I am making a few c…

Started by Dion Jansen

10 on Wednesday
Reply by jason mike

Reach a variable number with the sum of fixed numbers

Hello guys I would like to aks your help, I'd like to make a grasshopper program which helps to solve my problem, i don't know python/C#/VB…

Started by Petrik Kollár

14 on Wednesday
Reply by jason mike

Functions in Sticky to Make them Available to other Python Components?

Hi. Is it "official & suggested way in Grasshopper" to store functions in sticky to make them available to other Python components?

Started by Marcus Strube

12 on Wednesday
Reply by jason mike

Modify a genome list and recompute solution from C# component

Hi, I am trying to modify a gene pool component through script (c sharp component), in particular the number of genes it contains should be…

Started by Pietro Odaglia

5 Feb 28
Reply by Felipe Gutierrez

Python Basics. Lists in GH to Python? and advice on a recursive function?

Hi,this is my first post. I've reached the point of grasshopper knowledge where I need to build a recursive function and decided to go with…

Started by Peter Fajers

14 Feb 19
Reply by Cesar Requejo





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