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We are working to combine the discussions about Rhino/Grasshopper and our development tools into one platform.  This forum is closed to an…

Started by Scott DavidsonLatest Reply

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create Radio Button on Grasshopper Component...

Can somebody show me a simple code(C#) example for this Radio Button GUI? I tried to understand Karamba Code with Reflector, but there wa…

Started by y.KWON

13 Sep 12
Reply by Gennaro

Change number slider parameter using python

Is it possible to change the value of a number slider component from a python component? If anyone knows how to do this or where to look to…

Started by person

18 Sep 4
Reply by Jelle van de Ridder

Reading text from images

I am trying to read text from images; let's say an image has 2 or 3 words is there a way I can transform these words into text? I don't kno…

Started by Dalia Hafiz

13 Aug 14
Reply by ohinsa

read the latest text file

Hi I have one question for scripting. Is rhino python support sort time ???  I have a list of text files by different time inside one fold…

Started by Carl Yu

6 Aug 14
Reply by ohinsa

Fractals - Sierpinski variation

Hi, I'm an architecture student using Grasshopper for a design task, I was wondering if anyone could help me with creating fractals. I want…

Started by Dana Beligan

10 Jul 19
Reply by mayar moeat

c# component check changes on a file

Hello I am trying a C# component to be triggered by changes on a file stored in my computer. The class FileSystemWatcher can check that an…

Started by Manuel Sotomayor Millan

5 Jun 17
Reply by Gilly Yildirim

Creating a C# component with already completed C# code?

Hello. I would like to make a C# component in Rhino, with following C# code: #include<stdio.h> #include<math.h> void main(){…

Started by djordje

17 Jun 2
Reply by Cole Masuno

Properly override GH_ActiveObject.RegisterRemoteIDs method

Hi Everyone, I have made a custom GH_PersistentGeometryParam called TextEntityParam which contains a TextEntity. This param can be assigne…

Started by Anton Szilasi

3 May 30
Reply by grudy

Am I close? Texture mapping con't

I thought this may be the ticket to applying texture maps to some objects in GH using Rhino.sdk in a Legacy component. The geometry compone…

Started by Thomas the Tank Engine

16 May 24
Reply by Nicolas


Hi all, Here is an implementation of K-Means for grasshopper I wrote for an aspect of my thesis. What does it do? K-Means Algorthims are a…

Started by Dieter Toews

35 May 10
Reply by Laurent DELRIEU






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