algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Im just wondering if there is any tutorial resources online for kangaroo? i couldnt find any tutorials or videos explaining how kangaroo works.


Dose anybody know any good site or thread that contains such information?




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There's a short video of setting up a basic simulation here:

and the manual is here:

I've attached a rar of some basic example files to this post

and generally in the kangaroo group here ( I have posted many examples, and others have also posted their files.

Over the coming weeks the intention is to start collecting all these files into one place, so there can be a large repository of example files. So any further examples anyone has that they want to post would be much appreciated


Hi Dan ,


Ning dislike rar , zip please~~

I'm having problems downloading the examples .rar


"Access Denied"

have tha same problem... videos and examples are very nice, it s not clear everything, i try to do the same things, but the results are not the same :((( 

Sorry about that, here it is as a zip

and if that still isn't working, here's the same file on Dropbox:


Thanks Daniel,


but I can't see the simulations,

I enable the Boolean to True and enable the Timer, but nothing happens on the Rhino whindow.


any suggestion?


I'm running the latest GH on Rhino4,

on Windows XP via MacOSX (Parallels6)

SimulationReset actually needs to be False to run the simulation.

The first video I linked to above shows step by step the sequence of creating and running a simple simulation.

Hi Daniel,

Could you elaborate on outputs ?

Is there a more complete tutorial in the works ?









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