Silkworm is a plugin that translates Grasshopper and Rhino geometry into G-Code for 3d printing.  Silkworm allows for the complete and intuitive manipulation of the printer G-Code, enabling novel printed material properties to be specified by non-solid geometry and digital craft techniques.


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  • Multiple Tools?

    Hi there!new to Silkworm, was wondering if silkworm can accept multiple tools (extruders)?with different settings for each tool of course.thanks


  • Create Perimeter to get Plastic Flowing

    Hi, I opened some Silkworm files I did some time ago. Now I note that there is a problem with "Create Perimeter to get Plastic Flowing" in the filler component, I have opened the included "example" with the same result. Is there a solution for this? Thank you in advance.…

    By Runar Söker

  • All examples broken

    Hi all, It seems that all the examples are broken, is this an error on my side or because of Rhino V6?Further, when can we expect the next version to be released?Thanks,Charles

    By Charles Fried

  • Extrusion multiplier issue

    I had similar issues as others getting a working Slic3r config and finally ended up editing the given file. I'm printing clay with a Potterbot and my extrusion multiplier is high, usually 13, because I'm pushing clay through a 2mm nozzle. I took my settings from my Potterbot config file and the…

    By Lesley Claire Baker

  • silkworm and ultimaker2

    Curious if anyone is using silkworm and ultimaker2 3d printer together and can share results, advice or settings? Thanks

    By Ethan

  • Dual Extrusion Support?

    Hey guys!Love this project and have been using it for various custom 3D printing projects and it's been working a treat! I am now trying to do some more experimentation with multiple extruders and a laser and I was wondering if anyone has had any success with doing dual extrusion (or something like…

    By Liam Gilbertson

  • Slic3r and Silkworm

    Hi to all.I have opened the 3D spiral example and I have tried to import the settings Slic3r attached below with loadsettings component of silkworm but it Appears this error:Could you please…

    By Francesco

  • Change the z max of the printable area

    Hello. Thank you all for this great add to grasshopper.I’m having trouble with the ‘’printable area’’. How can I change de Z max of this area? (I’m guessing that it’s default value at the time is somewhere around 125 mm)

    By Ivo Barbosa

  • load settings from Slic3r .ini error

    Hello everybody!I'm Axel, 3d printing designer and music researcher at Makers CAFE London.Here right now we're running a few different projects to show what the 3d printers can do.I run into an issue that probably ia my fault, im using Ultimaker 2 and when i export the setting file from slic3r,…

    By Axel Drioli

  • Silkworm

    Hi,I am very new in this but could you please help me with some basic inputs about Load Settings component ?Thank You 

    By dajana