Silkworm is a plugin that translates Grasshopper and Rhino geometry into G-Code for 3d printing.  Silkworm allows for the complete and intuitive manipulation of the printer G-Code, enabling novel printed material properties to be specified by non-solid geometry and digital craft techniques.


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load settings from Slic3r .ini error

Hello everybody!

I'm Axel, 3d printing designer and music researcher at Makers CAFE London.

Here right now we're running a few different projects to show what the 3d printers can do.

I run into an issue that probably ia my fault, im using Ultimaker 2 and when i export the setting file from slic3r, silkworm is not reading it.

Im isung the last updates of slic3r and silkworm

Thank you guys,
Axel from Makers Cafe
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    Louis-Marie SCHULTHESS

    You should see the basic file on silkworm website.

    There's 2 or 3 lines at the end that are specific for silkworm.

    You have to copy them into your .ini files at the end.

    It should make the difference.

    But sometimes there's bug.

    For myself it always make gcode with temp request but my printer doesn't have temperature since it only use cold matters.

    Silmkworm is still a beta version and have a long way to go but it is very practical.

    Keep going ;)

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      Louis-Marie SCHULTHESS

      It would be à pleasure to participate but i'm designer and have no programmation skills. I'm curently working on some New filling pattern With grasshopper and also some ways to design the toolpath With less travelling movementS. For what i think about toolpath i need something that more close to a perfect move more than something close to the initial Shape... This is my artistic vision of 3d printing