Silkworm is a plugin that translates Grasshopper and Rhino geometry into G-Code for 3d printing.  Silkworm allows for the complete and intuitive manipulation of the printer G-Code, enabling novel printed material properties to be specified by non-solid geometry and digital craft techniques.


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Dual Extrusion Support?

Hey guys!

Love this project and have been using it for various custom 3D printing projects and it's been working a treat! I am now trying to do some more experimentation with multiple extruders and a laser and I was wondering if anyone has had any success with doing dual extrusion (or something like it) using Silkworm? Also, is it possible to update the Slic3r code to allow for heated bed instructions, start G-code, end G-code and layer change G-code? I've downloaded the Silkworm-master to try and do these changes myself but I must admit I feel quite out of my depth with programming C# and whilst I have been able to manage adding G-code commands here and there using tree operations they have only been able to get me so far.

Thanks for any help you can give me!