• WAAC Spring 2017

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    WAAC Grasshopper Class Spring 2017

  • LTH Form

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    Fredrik Skåtar's Modelling aid forum for LTH- architecture and design students. Please ask your questions in Swedish, English or German.


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    Mixed Media LAB Sint-Lucas Architectuur Gent & Brussel

  • Pachyderm Acoustic

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    Pachyderm is a plugin largely used by Designers and Scientists alike to simulate acoustics in buildings, rooms, cities, and other settings.

  • WAAC Fall 2015

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    The Fall 2015 WAAC Virginia Tech's Parametric Design Class


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    Provides additional components to explore, animate and fabricate generative shapes with Grasshopper®   http://antonioturiello.blogspot.com/ RHINO OFFICIAL BLOG FOOD4RHINO PROJECT AEC-APPS.COM REVIEW

  • AARDVARK Portugal

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    AARDVARK stands for ADVANCED ARCHITECTURE GROUP, but with a cool-sounding zoological acronym.    --- Aiming to bring together portuguese researchers on ADVANCED ARCHITECTURE.

  • ARCH 124B

    26 members

  • Chromodoris

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    Chromodoris adds mesh utilities to grasshopper. It is available on food4rhino and the source code and example files are available on bitbucket. It is free for use under the GPL license. The goal of this library is to provide efficient and simple functionality to extend the creation, usage and displ…

  • USC Grasshopper

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    A public forum for students to ask questions and get feedback from their peers.

  • GENERATOR (2.0 Method)

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    GENERATOR 2 is a smart and evolved way  to explore and iterate  generative shapes with Grasshopper® http://antonioturiello.blogspot.com/ RHINO OFFICIAL BLOG FOOD4RHINO PROJECT AEC-APPS.COM REVIEW

  • Meerkat GIS

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    Meerkat is a set of tools to generate Grasshopper geometry from GIS shape files. GIS shape files can be batch 'geolocated and cropped' in a Google Maps browser.

  • Kangaroo

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    THIS FORUM IS NO LONGER ACTIVE. PLEASE POST ANY NEW QUESTIONS OR DISCUSSION ON: https://discourse.mcneel.com/c/grasshopper/kangaroo The discussions here are preserved for reference, but new questions posted here are likely to go unanswered. Kangaroo is a Live Physics engine for interactive simula…

  • Project Shark

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    Project Shark is a Real-Time Augmented Reality plugin toolkit for Grasshopper3D, aimed at making Augmented Reality experiences more accessible to designers and architects.   Learn more at project-shark.net Visit our Instagram Page Sign up for the Beta Testing Program - prjshrk.esy.es/beta

  • WAAC Fall 2016

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    The Introduction to parametric design course at WAAC VT - Fall 2016

  • Culebra

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    Culebra.NET is a 2D|3D Multi Object Behavior library written in C# (Wrapper around Culebra Java library) focused on hybrid system interactions with custom Visualization, Data, and performance features. It contains a collection of objects and behaviors for creating dynamic multi agent interactions. …

  • WAAC Spring 2016

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    The Introduction to parametric design course at WAAC VT - Spring 2016

  • Algorithmic Architecture – Generative Urban Typologies

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    Group for the Algorithmic Architecture seminars at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. Please apply only if you are taking one of our courses in Weimar.

  • Jackalope

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    Jackalope is a Grasshopper component that implements the standard Rhino space morph operations: Bend, Flow, Maelstrom, Splop, Splorph, Stretch, Taper, and Twist. Jackalope supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Rhinoceros 5. Jackalope requires Rhinoceros 5 Service Release 9 (SR9) or greater. Jackalope is …

  • Exoskeleton

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    Exoskeleton is a free plug-in for creating meshes. It is currently comprised of two components: Exo Wireframe and Cytoskeleton. Exo Wireframe thickens line/node into watertight meshes. It solves the nodes using a convex hull and stitches the hulls together with polygonal struts. Cytoskeleton thic…