• Saturday, December 5, 2020
  • DesignMorphine Masters + Webinars

    All Day, Online

    Hi All, DesignMorphine just launched a new website along with a fully accredited Master's degree for Computational and Advanced Design, New Webinars, a New Conference and other exciting things! Feel free to go check them out at https://designmorphine.com/

  • Monday, September 20, 2021
  • Parametric Vibrations Recorded Webinars

    All Day, ONLINE

    PARAMETRIC VIBRATION GRASSHOPPER WEBINAR SERIES "First come the experience, then teaching". We waited 10 years before organizing our first online training to give you the best learning experience ever. 10 years of research, projects, collaborations, consulting with leading companies and designers.…

  • Monday, October 4, 2021

    9:00am, Rome; Faculty of Engineering - Sapeinza University of Rome department of Civil, Building, and Environmental Engineering

    March IN COMPUTATIONAL ARCHITECTURE AND PARAMETRIC DESIGN OPTIMIZATION program in Rome hosted by Sapienza University of Rome for more details and registration, go on this link   http://arch-algorithm.com/Master-2020/ 05 October 2021 - 04 October 2022   at Faculty of Engineering - Sapienza Univers…

  • Saturday, October 16, 2021
  • Curso de Grasshopper, sesiones ONLINE en vivo

    All Day, www.controlmad.com

    Curso introductorio a Grasshopper para Rhino. Grasshopper es un editor gráfico algorítmico, estrechamente integrado en Rhino y en sus herramientas de modelado. De manera diferente a RhinoScript, Grasshopper no requiere de conocimientos de programación o scripting para permitir al diseñador trabajar…

  • Grasshopper course, ONLINE sessions (live)

    All Day, www.controlmad.com

    Grasshopper is a graphical algorithm editor tightly integrated with Rhino’s 3-D modeling tools. Unlike RhinoScript, Grasshopper requires no knowledge of programming or scripting, but still allows designers to build form generators from the simple to the awe-inspiring.  Parametric design works combi…

  • Monday, October 18, 2021
  • Parametric Design WEBINAR (Rhino + Grasshopper)

    6:00pm, WEBINAR

    Are you interested in gaining Parametric competency to push your design skills to the next level? Are you ready to learn a very exciting and powerful tool that will take your ideas and concepts to a whole new realm? This Parametric Design Webinar will provide you with the necessary knowledge and ab…

  • Tuesday, November 2, 2021
  • Master in Parametric Design 350hours

    All Day, Controlmad Advanced Design Center, Madrid

    This is an unique study program in the world that introduces you to parametric design and digital fabrication. XI Edition Training language: english Dates  PART I - ON-line > November 2nd, 2021 - January 13th,  2022 Dates  PART II - ON-site at Controlmad / ON-line > January  17th - February 10th, 2…