The Milkbox

There are a lot of code snippets scattered all over our forum which don't manage to form a proper, fully-grown plugin.

Milkbox intend is to collect all those useful pieces, and make them easily accessible by providing links.

If you have any code which you think should be posted here, create a new discussion in this group and provide there information how to download your code.

What should I post here ?

The only requirement is that your contribution should be a tool, not any particular definition. Ideally something unattainable with standard components.


Please follow discussion title with "[category]" suffix. Try to specify in which GH components panel your tool may be inserted. [Util],[Mesh],[Sets].... etc.

If you're an author and you want to post your tool here, I will promote you to administrator of this group. This way you'll have control over your stuff posted here.

Contributors so far...

Arie-Willem de Jongh
Mateusz Zwierzycki
David Stasiuk
Marios Tsiliakos
David Reeves
Mohammad Yazdi
Mostapha Sadeghipour Roudsari
Daniel González Abalde
Michael Pryor
Pieter Segeren
Adam Holloway