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Gismo 0.0.3 Release Notes

This is the third release of Gismo plugin.It fixes some typos, but also adds 6 new components with the following features: 1) Support of 3D…

Started by djordjeLatest Reply

Gismo supports Rhino 6!

From now on, Gismo can be used on both Rhino 5 (≥SR9) and finally Rhino 6!

Started by djordjeLatest Reply

Gismo + Ladybug + ENVI-met connection v2

Earlier this year, Antonello Di Nunzio released a set of components for Ladybug plugin which connect Grasshopper with free version of ENVI-…

Started by djordjeLatest Reply

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COM class factory issue

Hi to all I want to try this plug-in. I have installed all requirements (Rhino 5, Grasshopper, Ghpython, MapWinGIS). I have defined the Map…

Started by Francesco

29 yesterday
Reply by djordje

removing terrain colors?

Hello everybody,Thank you for an incredible plugin, Djordje!Could you possibly tell me if there's any way of purging the Gismo color scale,…

Started by Sara

3 yesterday
Reply by Sara

Issues with Gizmo

Hello djordje, just been using Gizmo for the first time and find it to be good. However I have a couple of issues I hope you can help me wi…

Started by Alf

4 Jul 31
Reply by djordje

Gismo Install Problems

I have a student who is having problems getting Gismo to work.  We have followed the install instructions (installed correct version of Map…

Started by Darren Ockert

1 Jun 10
Reply by djordje

GISMO: OSM data failed to downloaded the information

Hi guys, I am trying to make the full environmental for a bridge but when I choose OSM shapes it told me that: 1. This component requires O…

Started by Patricia Iglesias

4 Apr 24
Reply by djordje

Adding support for areas north of 60 degrees latitude.

Hi there!  As a northling myself and mainly working on projects up north it would be fantastic to see support for areas north of 60 degree…

Started by Rói Heinason

6 Apr 24
Reply by djordje

Library not Registered (Tried steps in other discussions)

Hi everyone, I received the following error on Gismo_gismo: 1. Solution exception:Library not registered. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80028…

Started by Quek Wen Jia Marcus

4 Apr 8
Reply by djordje

Legend on the underwater terrain (Gismo_Terrain Generator)

Hi, How can i have the legend of the terrainGenerator? Thanks

Started by Zadig

3 Apr 1
Reply by djordje

OSMshapes WindowsError

Great job on the Gismo plugin! I find it really useful. I was wondering if you have any insight on the following error: WindowsError on all…

Started by starfx

9 Mar 16
Reply by djordje

Boolean union 3d buildings with MorphoMesh for ENVImet

Antonello Di Nunzio, recently released a new grasshopper plugin MorphoMesh. The plugin improves Rhino's mesh operations by enabling boolean…

Started by djordje

1 Feb 10
Reply by Abraham Yezioro





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