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Hi all,

I´m a new user of Gismo. Iget this error when connecting terrain to the building terrain command: "Please move terrain".

Could you please help me to solve it?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Patricia,
Try removing the 'terrain_' input from the 'Building Terrain' ENVImet component. The area you are analyzing is relatively flat.


Thanks for your soon response! I´ve been searching for the LB-envimet components but I couldn´t find them, could you please tell me where they are? or if they´ve been replaced by df-envimet.

Another questions:

I´m trying to run a simulation but DF is not finding the material libraries, is it because I´ve installed Envimet 4.6.6. or because DF doesn´t run in R7?

Besides, Is it possible to obtain en urban UWG through envimet in Rhino 7? I saw it only runs in R6. Maybe I should reinstall R6.

Thanks in advance

Hi Patricia,

There are already ENVImet components in the .gh file you attached.
You meant, you have been searching for the newest ENVImet components? Yes, they are now part of a Dragonfly.

For the other questions, If Antonello (the author of ENVImet components) does not see this reply, maybe you can ask your question on:

Hi Djordje,

Your help has been useful! I installed Rhino6 and solved most flaws. Thanks for the forum link. I´ll send my questinos there

Hi Djordje,

I`ve been reading the answers in the forum that you recommended to me but I couldn`t find a solution to my problem. I attach my gh file and a screenshot. DF_envimet looks for an exe file that does not exist in my ENVIMET installation. Could you please help me? Thanks in advance.


Hi Patricia,
I would then try contacting Antonello the author of ENVImet components:

Thanks Djordie, I’ll try because the person who answered said that he didn’t know the plugin and recommended to run the sim directly from Envimet.






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