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Hi everyone,

First let me say that I love Gismo, it has completely changed my design workflow. That said, I have encountered an new error when attempting to run OSM3D:

Runtime error (TypeErrorException): unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'NoneType' and 'float'

line 1854, in liftingOSMshapes_from_groundTerrain, "<string>"
line 637, in createThreeDeeShapes, "<string>"
line 805, in script

All the 2D OSM shapes and 3D terrain load just fine, but it breaks when attempting to run OSM3D. If any of you have any ideas of a fix, I'd really appreciate it. I'm not exactly sure what is going wrong.

The same script runs just fine at a different set of coordinates. The site I am trying to construct is in urban Copenhagen, maybe something about OSM's data there is the problem. Thanks for any help that anyone can provide! 

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Hi Andrew,
Thank you for the kind words.
Can you attach your .gh file please, but with terrain geometry internalized in the .gh file?

Hey djordje, 

You got it, thank you for your help! Here's my gh file with internalized geometry.

You're a lifesaver!

- Andrew

Hi Andrew,

Thank you.
The error appeared because someone modelled a building on with 4 outer polygons. I didn't see this situation up until now. I attached screenshot of this building.
Maybe my knowledge of openstreetmap is old, but according to what I knew up until now - this would be the wrong way to model building outline.
I attached a working .gh file with increased terrain radius (by increasing the radius, the terrain does not "split" this problematic building in half, so the error is gone).
You can try the same fix, if you ever get a similar error in future: increase the terrain radius (only terrain radius) slightly.

Also one advice not related with your current issue: it is recommended to use the 'OSM keys' component. Its purpose is to check for only keys which are important in order to create 3D building, 3D tree, a road or similar.
If you don't use this component, then the "values" output of the 'OSM shapes' component will have much more data trees (it will basically have one data tree for each 'key' which appears in on that location for that radius). This means that 'OSM shapes' can be creating a data tree for 'keys' which can be irrelevant to you. For example: 'generator:source=solar' would mean - that building has photovoltaic panels, or that this ground area has ground mount photovoltaic panels. And there are other similar keys+value which you might not need at all, as you just want to create 3D geometry.

You should not use 'OSM keys' component, only if you really want to see all the keys which appear at that location, and for that radius.


That worked!!! You are the best, thank you so much for the fast responses and everything you've done to support the app. I appreciate the advice as well, I'll be sure to use OSM Keys more frequently in the future. 

- Andrew

Great! Thank you for the kind words.






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