algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I have trouble downloading papers from the conference acadia " parametricism acadia  regional 2011 ..." someone who is in possession could kindly give me that i know that is free download .I attach the link from which I tried to download the pdf but it is damaged.Thanks

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Hi...I had some problem with that file too...just download it from the link, download a pdf repair tool,a suddenly you have a great file with amazing articles!!

(unfortunately the file is so big that I cant upload it for you...regarding that I am in Iran,any file larger than 1mb is too much big to upload!!)

Best Regards

Nathan Miller has been involved with U of Nebraska for a while.  Perhaps he knows you you can contact for an updated download.

thanks guys I followed the advice of Ardi and I solved the problem,
Ardi, you're right this is an amazing paper!!

Hi Massimiliano, 

I got stuck on the same issue.. wt repair software you used? or can u upload it to a dropbox or so?

Appreciate it..



thx for doing that , but your link is not working, can you please fix this

now it works try again! good reading

Hi Massimiliano

Thank you for uploading, though the dropbox link does not work for me. Could you please send me another link. I do appreciate that 

Here is a upload:

Thank you Ardi for an explanation.

Thank you djordje.






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