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Hello All!


I am currently working on my final thesis project for my last year of my engineering degree. I have been investigating the usefulness of parametric structural modelling as a design tool and the power of the combination with Galapagos. Since everyone here is a user, you are all well aware of how powerful the tool is.


What I was wondering was if anyone has published or is aware of any papers relevant to my field of study. I have watched a few presentations by various (David, Jon and Daniel at AA for example) but was wondering if any further work has been done that I have not encountered.


Unfortunately I am not a member of many of the organisations some of you would have presented for (i.e. IASS). However if you have published a paper with any institute I am sure I can track it down.


Thanks for any light you can shine in advance, and I hope to be publishing my modules soon as a tool for other to learn from. Hopefully in the form of a blog (should life not intervene first.)


Thanks in advance,


Joshua Seskis

RMIT University


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Hi Josh,


Just last week I presented a paper on this at IABSE/IASS seminar in London, although it was targeted at introducing Rhino/Grasshopper at those not familiar with it (sorry to disappoint those wanting to see the latest and greatest application of these tools, but 12 minutes to present didn't provide opportunity to do much more).


You can access my paper from here:


I did a blog post about other GH users presenting at this conference, Odysseas Georgiou and Clemens Preisinger are two of the obvious people to contact, but there were plenty of others related papers and work shown (not always using Grasshopper).  It was nice to meet face to face many of the forum participants here and beyond that are advancing and using these tools in their work and research.


Hope it helps,





Following Jon, you can find a list of my papers which are relevant to your degree here: . Also i don't know whether you came accross Daniel Davis' work (He's also at RMIT) and his paper on Untagling Parametric Schemata talking about organisation of parametric models.


Hope this helps,



Adaptive Structures for Whole-Live Energy Savings
I have this PDF, but not sure where I got it...

Thanks to everyone who replied. I appreciate your input a lot and I have a lot of thanks to give to this forum for the amazing support that is offered here (it really is incredible) and the earnest here to see grasshopper utilised.


How do you feel about the possible direction for grasshopper and the analysis and BIM tools? Being in industry, do you see a future for it (within a reasonable time)? Also, for those who are engineering can you imagine real adoption in your office?

Hi Josh,


Not sure which area you are looking into; parametric modleing or genetic algorithims ?

I would recommend two good books both edited by Peter J Bently one is called "Evolutionary Design by Computers" and there other is called "Creative evolutioanry Systems". You may asl find "An Intelligent Genetic Design Tool (IGDT) Applied to the Exploration of Architectural Trussed Structural Systems (2007) by Vorgelegt von and Peter von Bulow, Aus Paseadena worth while.


All the best. It is an interesting area.




Hi Joshua,


Jeroen Coender's work may be of interest to you.


His dissertation is also available on line


His structural background has pushed him to address some problems that are bit more 'global' or collaborative. I think looking at interacting with generative models produced by others has nudged him in the direction of a more general rules-based, solver approach, using bidirectional graphs, which would allow multiple processing 'routes' thru the graph and feedback mechanisms, accompanied by 'meta-controls' that would be needed to guide this more 'free form' way of doing things.


Would be good to hear from someone who has experience with simulation packages like LabView or Simulink or OpenCascade. NetworkedDesign sounds very similar.


Let me know what you think.






Some very good papers on optimisation of space frame structures through genetic algorithms (but not only) by Milos Dimcic. Not necessarily implemented in Grasshopper, but still extremely valid:

Just wanted to post another thank you on here. The papers and knowledge I learnt from reading the materials provided was incredibly informative. So once again THANK YOU!






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