algorithmic modeling for Rhino

hi all.
i wonder if it's possible to set up a slider to export geometry instead of a sequence of images...such as obj/dxf/iges/3ds.

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leftovers from mac vesion? You really do have grasshopper for mac? i thought id doesnt exist yet.

Hi Damien, Hi all,

I found this discussion that almost perctly matches what i'm looking for, but much more complex i think.

I just need to export a list of breps to Iges format.

Igot your def and tried to tweack it by my self, but my scripting ignorance is huge¡¡ I'm having an error in a line that isn't even displayed in class window¡¡

Could you please take a look to the def, please...scripting is a new world for me and it's taking me to my knees¡¡¡ I know it is an old discussion but any help would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance. A

hi Mark! Can u explain how to modify your script to bake geometry as ONE dxf file with all stuff inside? I am trying to make a link between grasshopper and spatial analisis softwhare

Hi Marc,

I have been trying your script with different curves (not circles) it didn't work..

May you please have a look? 



has anyone been able to make this work????
i've been trying a whole day now...hehehehe
so i'm doing it by hand.....a pain!!!!
hope to get some feedback!
Your video is corrupt, so I can't see it. Honestly, I'm not sure what your running into. I've tested it on my end, so unless you can get the video to me through another medium or explain in more detail the steps you're doing I really can't help.
sorry damien....i did not see that!!!
now i tested the video.
hope it works
for some reason ning is not downloading the complete video (only 400 kb), really the video is not corrupt....but incomplete.
anyways here's a link to download the video, i tested it and it works...

hi mario

so i watched your video and the problem is that in vb it is not common to have spaces between the names of a path
so for example @ your pathname : documents and settings\ should be
so currently the files have been written in a folder called c:\documents

best to]
Whenever you have a macro and you need to have something with a space in it (it could be a file name like this one, but it could also be a phrase in a Text Dot or something), you need to encase that phrase in quotes so that Rhino doesn't think that the space is an enter for the next part of the command.

The easiest way to get around this is to just put one double quote before the path and another after the file extension. If you think you might for get that if you reopen the file later on, you can change this pretty easy in the code by adding the following phrase Chr(34) before and after the file name in the macro. Just make sure there are ampersands (&) before and after each item in that line.
thanx damien i just didn't remembered Chr(34)
wow...finally its working!!!thank you very much guys!!
still, your file worked damien, but mine didn' it because yours is just one objects and mine are multiple???






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