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 Hi guys,

in a  book of 2011 I read ...

"Multiply" component...the icon I see is "VMul" with V and F like input and V and  L in output 

but  in the last version of Grasshopper I don't find this component. It is changed?



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You can change the label of each component by right clicking on it, and then change the text in the top type box.
So I guess that is what the author of the book did - he changed the name of the "Multiply" component to "VMul".

Display->Draw icons, option from Grasshopper needs to unchecked in order for this method to work.

Actually VMul is a vector multiplication. GH used to have separate components for special types. Now a single multiplication components handles all cases.

Really, a book about Grasshopper? But, like a proper book, or a pdf from the internet?

Hey Micheal,

jaja it's out of stock in the spanish amazon. It looks like a nice pragmatic book for of the shelf consulting. 

For 25€ I'm thinking about buying it. But I'll first post a new discussion about recommended literature. 

just for your information. Its a very useful informative book on the structure of grasshopper. however it is made just before short list, cross reference, and long list was updated. So it is a bit outdated but good none the less. 

Hi alls


"VMul is a vector multiplication"

...but where is this new component?If I digit this in the little window of the canvas don't appear!?

The cover of italian book...around 15 $...


There is no new component. The VMul has been deleted and it's functions implemented in the current "Multiply" component.
As Hannes said.

Sorry for disinformation.

Thankyou djordje ...with "Moltiplication" it work!

another dubt from my book(pag 163)...the new "evaluate " component is the same that the old "F(x)"component?

 I often see when I write an espression (like x<20 in this case that work well in the old component) it says me "Syntax error: Left hand value of operator < is Null"

That just means that you haven't plugged a value into the component yet.

That is true(:!






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