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is there a way to flip mesh normals in grasshopper? Or something like unify mesh normals?


Thanks, Wieland

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uto's Mesh Tools have a [Unify Vertex Normals]...  Mesh faces, by definition, don't have face normals.

Actually mesh faces do have normals. It's a bit ambiguous in case of quads, but Rhino relies on face normals for display purposes. There is a Face Normal component in the standard grasshopper component set, but I haven't made anything that allows you to change face normals.


Do note that often face normals are computed by Rhino because they follow from the shape of the mesh, you typically don't manually assign them.



David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

@ taz

Thank you, I totally forgot about uto's very helpful Mesh Tools...



yes, I mainly need to unify the normals for display purposes. If I mirror a mesh I get a strange looking model.. its not dramatic, I can unify the mesh normals in rhino. Would be nice, to do this in grasshopper though.



I see I stand (partially) corrected.  If you unify the vertex normals that *should* fix the problem when you bake your mesh.



Hello David,

Could you elaborate on this- is their a way to access the mesh face normal in a custom vb script (for quads with co-planar vertices and triangles)?


use this combination also Change the mesh normals direction!

Jon, this is what I am looking for, but, what are the first two components on the left?
I don't recognize them from the icons. If you turn off Draw Icons in Display I find the definition much more legible.






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