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Hey There,


Having a great deal of trouble getting a hole into my floor surface. I have tried multiple methods, including trying to create a surface between the two shapes, punching a hole with a surface on another surface, brep trimming etc.


I feel like I am doing this the hard way. I have enclosed a jpg of the shape I am aiming to achieve and the messiest GH file many of you may have seen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Ultimately I am trying to create a result where I can measure the Area Moments of the floor surface and the centroids. So the surface needs to be a surface with a hole in it so it reflects the properties of the floor (as much as grasshopper can reflect it anyway).


Also sorry about the filename. There have been some crashes with this one.

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I'm confused? I see no surface in your jpeg? I don't have a computer but I would take a look at the intersection components. If breps are physically touching then use maybe solid difference. The other option is using surface split to split a surface with curves. Then cull the suface by area. Have a look at this post. You dont need the image sampler but take alook at the way holes are punched.
Of course that would be confusing. This is the image with a surface.
So I would say. Make the surface in GH. Then make the rectangle in GH. Use Split surface. Than cull area like the examples in the link I sent you. In this case tho where you only have two surface you could also just set the cull to 0 or 1.
Seems the same as what you did. Works well, about to integrate it into the full model.
Hi josh, how about this:

If all your curves are planar and you set them to be on the same plane (z value) then you can plug multiple curves into the Planar Srf component to get your holes.

I've done a quick proof of concept for you but you will need to clean it up a bit with some culling to get rid of the unwanted surfaces etc.







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