algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Dear all,
would it be possible to connect some kind of hardware sliders to Grasshopper?
It would be so cool to adjust several sliders manually and simultaneously (and have the model update in real time of course)!

At Meek FM they've created a hardware device for controlling typographic design and sound (!)

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I'm working on a system that should work with any midi controler. My aim is to create a pure data patch that can receive midi messages from the controler, then translate them to OSC, then send the OSC messages to grasshopper via the GHowl components. I'm now near to achieve this bridge. The second step will be to make the good operations so that we could have the range of value that we want in grasshopper, for each slider.
I'll tell you about all of that :)

Thanks Damien.
It sound like fun to be able to connect all possible MIDI applications!
The pitch bend will be like a 2d slider!
Is MIDI the only way to go or can the USB transfer in another format as well?
About the conversion from hardware to GH slider, maybe it could work like in Galapagos? When Galapagos is running it will take control over the connected sliders (Genomes).

(Please see image)

MIDI would really be the only way. Receiving the output directly from the USB connection would be working almost at the driver level, so there'd be no standardization there and it be a huge PITA. Also, if you have a MIDI connection through a sound card, then you'd be left out in the cold.

For the "slider take over", I guess that could work. I'd have to talk to David about how to get something like that done. I'd like to get more of the meat and potatoes of the MIDI connection finished before I worry about implementing something like that, but we'll see.
There is also the Novation Nocturn

And this one... from But it's sold out and has no USB.

Hi ! 

I can't wait midi ghowl plugin.

I have Behringer BCR 2000, almost like this on the top of the page,but it have more knobs.

I ready to test the plugin and connections.



My very first Hardware slider! Controlling the size of a red dot...

This is Arduino + Firefly. Posting a video here.

I like the feeling of physically adjusting the slider very much!

Nice video!  Thanks for posting.
Thank you Andy for making this possible by sharing the Firefly!

I put my arduino board in this case today. Now I have 6 knobs to connect to GH and play!


great job.. must be fun.

I'm about to solve my problem... I'll post a video soon.


Best regards and congrats.








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