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Hey All, 


Does anyone know how can I Run Grasshopper in Ecxel? It seems that it needs specific coding, I don't know anything about coding, could you please help me in this regard?


I really appreciate any help\





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Genoform has a way of generating designs based on Excel. It connects to grasshopper.

>More info on the genform group.

Thanks Sivam ,

But first I want excel to Call Grasshopper, for this part can Geneform help me?

I'm not sure what you mean by run GH in Excel, but if you don't need anything more than read/write access and you've never coded before, I'd recommend taking a look at gHowl.

Thanks Damien, 


But at first I want Excel to Call Grasshopper then Run the definition in Grasshopper, for the second part (importing from excel to grasshopper) I can use GHowl, but for the first part (calling the Grasshopper inside the Excel) I don't have any idea!!

So you want Excel to control grasshopper?  I don't think that's actually possible.  You could certainly use vbscript to open Rhino and then run the grasshopper command, but as for loading a definition and refreshing it - so far as I know grasshopper doesn't expose any externally available commands for that.


On the other hand, I'm not sure why you'd want to do this.  Why not just use excel as a data entry method and run everything else from within Grasshopper itself?






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