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Hey, guys !

Do you know a way to link Grasshopper to a Google Drive (Docs) spreadsheet?

Thanks for peeking

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The following process is how your problem can be solved in Microsoft Office. I assume that somewhat similar method can be applied to GoogleDocs too?!

Maybe I am wrong, but maybe this will help you.

Export your data from Grasshopper using some spreadsheet format. For example .csv, .dat or .log

You can do this by using the regular Panel from Grasshopper, then by right clicking on it, and "Stream Content". Choose the appropriate file format, let's say above mentioned .csv and type the name of the of the file.

Run your GoogleDocs, and import that .csv file into it's tables.

Whenever you change your data in Grasshopper, get back to your GoogleDocs and refresh that page. It should refresh your data gained from .csv file and there for Grasshopper.

Thanks, but i'm actually interested in the other way around, processing in Grasshopper data from Google Drive..

Did you hear/learn anything about this problem yet. Let me know.




You could use the Google API to access this via a custom scripted component. I haven't played around with this too much as yet but when I have the time (one day in a far of distant magical land) I'd be interested to see how this would work. A quick search found some links that may get you started. I don't know how adapt you are at writing code?

Google data access -

Demonstration of access via html query -

Importing gdata lib into python script -

Good luck sounds like a great way to centralise live data streams.



Thanks a lot for the info!

I did some coding (in MEL mainly), but didn't go too deep, so i'm not exactly like a fish in water..

I will try whay You suggested if i will need this more than i currently do (i just wanted to make some simple operations that google drive unfortunately isn't able to do, but are manageable by hand as well..)

Thanks again!

Has anyone coded this up yet?  I'm trying to get away from XLS-based spreadsheets and it would be great to link directly to Google Drive...


Hi Andrei and all, 

we just released a new version of the TT Toolbox plugin that features interoperability with Google Spreadsheets. I hope you like it!

wooohooo, can't believe it!

thank you! just in time






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