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gHowl - Interoperability Components for Grasshopper... looking for Beta Testers

Hello people!
gHowl is a set of components co - authored by Giulio Piacentino, Damien Alomar, and myself.  We have been working on it over the past few months.  Currently it includes components for receiving and sending UDP packets as well as reading and writing spreadsheet documents in various formats.  We are looking for some beta testers to be the guinea pigs in this experiment.  We are particularly interested in people who are actively using these protocols in practice.  Please send an email to gHowlcomponents [at] gmail [dot] com introducing yourself and the work you intend to do with gHowl.  We are looking for 10 or so people to test this over the next few weeks.


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Team Howl: Nice job!

I presume you've covered MS Office and Open Office formats(?).

I'd love to be a lab rat but I'm out of practice. I'll look for the polished product on shelves at a store near me.
Me, me, me!!!! xD

Lab Rat 2 in the classroom :D
i just sent you an email

Hello Everyone!
We have updated gHowl for compatibility with GH 0.7.x (this version will probably not work with 0.6.0059).

Updates: gHowl Sender and Receiver components can now transmit and listen for OSC (open sound control) messages.
New Components:
OSCDispatch: Takes a list of OSC Device Addresses and the Incoming OSC message. Each device's data is stored.
OSCChannel: Takes the incoming OSC message and checks it against the name you give to the component (via right-click context menu). If the name matches, that Devices data will be stored.

We are still in extreme beta mode, so if you are interested in testing out the components and are brave, send us an email to:

gHowlcomponents [at] gmail [dot] com and we will send you the new component with example files.

Hi Luis, you've got mail! :-)


are you still sending out copies of gHowl? I'd love to get my hands on it
Hello Liam, email us at gHowlcomponents [at] gmail [dot] com to get the files.
me too, please look for a monkeygrip [at] gmail please, thanks.
Coming soon to gHowl: Pachube Send & Receive

That would be pretty cool!
Hi, are you still distributing beta versions of the plug-in ? It sounds I could make a good use of it to store and receive real time data flows through specific urban design GH definitions/ experiments. Please let me know. That would be absolutely amazing.

Thank you!






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