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Hello everyone, 

Iam new in c# and have some questiions.

I have a excel file which contains teh following values: row (0) height row(1)thickness row(2)width.

Now my aim is to filter one value of each row and finally take the output to construct points out of it.

Is this possible? and how should I start?

Many thanks in advance!


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It's probably easiest to save your Excel document as a CSV, and convert it to an array or list.

I would like to add to this - there is native Read File component that will read the entire CSV file as text which you can easily parse.

Hi Mateusz, 

thanks for your fast answer.

Do you mean the component of GH. Yes but I should have it in C#, because of the next steps. 

I also had the problem that after reading the csv file via the native component my numbers of the csv file allways stay as text? ..and I tried many things...

Do You have an idea for that?

Thank You!!!



Hi thanks for the fast answer, I will try it :) !Thank You also for the link!



If you need to change values frequently and maintain a link between Excel and GH, I will recommend you that you use either Excel Reader from Lunchbox assembly or XL Data In from Bumblebee Assembly. Both of them are working well. You can as well build your own component linking to Excel using Excel.Interop DLL. 

Otherwise, the CSV method suggested by David will work nicely as well!







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