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Hey guys,
Do you know how to change direction of curves ? I've got stuck here.
Boundary Suface - Could you explain me why it did not work?
As you can see in some cases smaller plane can cut a hole in larger ones.
But not in every case. Why is that? Would be glad for explanation and help with it.

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Is that a Human visualization component?

Indeed it is Taz. I saved it as a User Object (from a previous Human version), with a default Thickness value of 3 (and changed the icon).
I want defaults values for everything...


Can you tell me a secret? is there some plugin to do nice snapshots from grasshopper?
or you used photoshop or sth else...

It's not a secret Agnieszka: go to File > Export Quick Image. Off coarse it's up to you to place your components in a readable manner.
As your definition (or curves) proves too: work accurately and tidy, it prevents all sorts of problems.
(B.t.w. the selfintersecting L shaped curve loops around the points twice before closing of, the other csx curve has a overlapping loop on the outside. You should really prevent these kind of things. Thank Mire for spotting the real problem of this discussion.)

You are right! I'm sorry Mire, that I didn't do this before, thank you very much!

Glad to help, I actually just found the problem, Pieter the solution!

Hyungsoo Kim

Thx! Because I don't have enought time I redraw my buildings with closed polylines to be sure that they are ok and in the same orientation. I took part of one of yours solutions. Thanks you very much for it.

When I was trying your solutions on my lines in other file, I don't know why, but they didn't work in every cases. Want to understand why, but unfortunatelly time time time. Maybe there was some bug with lines or sth. Don't know.


My def's main logic is identify inner courtyard type block curves and make boundary surfaces separately. You'd be better off adjusting "CullPt"component's tolerance input in other cases.



Ok! It's more understandable for me right now. Thank you very much :)

I think the problem derives from the construction of the two curves...see below. Without this two curves both are working. I don't have the time to search it further. Simply replace this two curve with new 


As I mentioned yesterday the problem derives from the construction of these two curves.

The first has a construction problem (points Nr 18,19,20 are outside the boundary)  ...see pictures below

The second has too many duplicate points (to be precise it repeat itself two times)

When you correct these two errors Grasshopper works.








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