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Delaunay mesh on different it possible?!?

Hi guys!

I want to use delaunay mesh component on different surfaces to recreate a caotic triangulation. 

The problem is that I can use delaunay only for one single this means that i can use lots of time this command for each surface and specially, I have to selection the final point to each triangles to join with other delaunay surface...

do you know a best method and specially faster to use this command on different surfaces?!? 

thanks guys

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Urgent question for David R:

What is the syntax for taking into account an optional base plane? (as the GH component does?)

Map all the Points from base plane to WorldXY.

Compute Delaunay in WorldXY.

Map result from WorldXY to base plane.

I've been using it for a current project and have been doing so this way:

Tested up to 10K points:

David's approach is at least 10+% faster (and obviously more "proper").

Now ... anyone having 1B points? he he.






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