algorithmic modeling for Rhino

What do you listen to when you're writing code? My (indeed very short) list:
Note: Do not post music you generally like, only music you listen to during coding.

David Rutten
Poprad, Slovakia

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Mmm really nice post. Usually light electronic Trip Hop, or spanish Hip-Hop.



Massive Attack




Tote King

Best Regards ;)
Pretty hard core. I can't focus when there's involved lyrics or strong beats. Still, I know (and like) 3 out of that list, I'll be sure to check out the rest. Thanks!

David Rutten
Poprad, Slovakia
Yeah but i need a pattern at background. Beats makes me easy to get focus in code. Light music is like noise, have lot of detail and I need to listen it "carefully". Triphop, hiphop and e-music creates some rythmic atmosphere that is like the lines of the code matching.

It seems that we can't code in the same room (without earphones) xD

Although I can listen to music all day when I'm modeling/photoshopping/etc. I've found that I can't really code while listening to music. That's just me. I have done it a few times and its worked okay, but its mostly been light acoustic/instrumental stuff with minimally involved coding. Interestingly enough when I was doing my thesis on architecture and music, I couldn't even listen to the music I was writing all my scripts for. But then again, Schoenburg and Stravinsky are a little intense...
Yup, that's why my list is so short. Everything else I have gets in the way too much when I'm thinking about algorithms.

David Rutten
Poprad, Slovakia
I like to listen to people speak...although I am in Europe, I still listen to
lol, there's nothing like American talk radio. Well, maybe in Spain Federico Jiménez Losantos comes close :P

I also like listening people speak, but as David says, its hard to concentrate.
Here's some Angel might like:
Thievery Corporation
Zero 7

Medeski, Martin, and Wood
Greyboy Allstars
Herbie Hancock

These guys have an interesting range:

And if in the mood for rocking out some:

Anything except country rock...
I must check that list :) Tanks!!

Jazz and Funk are good too, but my ears try to analize the pattern and i get out of the code :S

And...sure, anything except country rock ;)
Not really the original theme of the post... But very related, coding and wiring, there are differences, sure... but at the end, at one level or another, shouldn't be the same..?

Ok, to the point:

for coding... can't tell (I'm not such a writer yet...)

for wiring... I love tekno, from minimal to more hard beats... I love the energy that evoques while geometry changes and grows RealTime... Maybe realtime "coding" (sorry guys, let me say it that way) enables the use of more "disturbing" and "motivating" sounds (music).

Just sharing my opinion and way of working.

Stop Making Sense or other albums I've listened to so often they've stopped being distracting (YHF for example)

When that runs out, I like to layer a lot of sounds (and platforms) together, some melodic some not. A typical example might be Bon Iver on HypeMachine(or iron&wine, sufjan,etc) + Sylvie Courvoisier on Pandora + Sunn 0))) on Myspace + some ambient noise from Soundsnap.
I wouldn't recommend it for everyone, but it works for me. Probably most people prefer them one at a time.

Other good working sounds to blend in to the mix: Hopewell, Erik Friedlander, High Places.

For serious math work the only thing I've found to work is Speed Metal.






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