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    56 members Latest Activity: on Monday

    Speckle does stuff with Grasshopper and the Internet (usually). 

    Speckle has quite a rich, albeit short,…

  • Sketchfab Uploader

    74 members Latest Activity: Jan 31

    Use Grasshopper to upload your models to Sketchfab! Sketchfab is a great web service that…

  • mesh+

    126 members Latest Activity: on Tuesday

    Mesh+ is a set of user components which produce topological effects from mesh faces and point sets using variable methods of subdivision and…

  • GENERATOR (1.0 Method)

    148 members Latest Activity: Oct 4, 2016

    GENERATOR is a fast and easy way 

    to visualize and interact 

    with generative…

  • CERVER Tools

    137 members Latest Activity: Jan 7

    CERVER Tools is a collection of plug-ins for grasshopper.

  • DixieVR | DixieIO

    4 members Latest Activity: on Saturday

    Because virtual reality in architecture must go beyond virtual tour by taking part of the conception process at its very core, we conceived Dixie…

  • Owl

    52 members Latest Activity: 2 hours ago

    The purpose of the Owl plug-in is to constitute a new data type named Tensor, thanks to which the Grasshopper users will be able to work with…

  • TRNLizard

    13 members Latest Activity: 12 hours ago

    Free plug-in for Grasshopper for parametric 3D building simulation developed by TRANSSOLAR. TRNLizard is a free plug in to the Rhinoceros 5…

  • GRay

    35 members Latest Activity: Apr 14

    GRay -- Parametrical Material Generator for VRay 2.0

    GRay is a Parametric Material Generator for the Rhino…


    7 members Latest Activity: Mar 19

    Noumena is pleased to introduce you to VR-EDGE, a grasshopper plug-in which deals…

  • Chromodoris

    11 members Latest Activity: Apr 2

    Chromodoris adds mesh utilities to grasshopper. It is available…

  • Angora

    12 members Latest Activity: Dec 29, 2016

    Angora is a plug-in and a GUI standalone for using fuzzy logic in Grasshopper.

    It is based on the AForge.NET library.…

  • Syn City 2

    6 members Latest Activity: Jan 11

    Group for SynCity2.

    Please ask all Grasshopper related Questions here, we all can learn from this!

  • Emu

    13 members Latest Activity: Oct 25, 2016

    EMU is an interactive structural analysis and form-finding tool based on a 6DOF (6 degrees of freedom) formulation of the dynamic relaxation…

  • ShapeDiver

    10 members Latest Activity: Nov 10, 2016

    ShapeDiver is a new service that allows you to publish your grasshopper definition on the web.

    Your model…

  • Doodlebug

    75 members Latest Activity: on Monday

    Doodlebug lets you drive Adobe Illustrator with Grasshopper! Requires CC 2015 or later. …

  • Crow

    24 members Latest Activity: Apr 21

    This is the support group for the Grasshopper plug-in
    Crow - Artificial Neural Networks in Grasshopper.
    Please post your questions /…

  • Starfish

    10 members Latest Activity: Dec 14, 2016

    Starfish is a plugin for parametric generation of various patterns. It focuses on 2d tessellations that allow creating structural systems based on…

  • IrisVR

    20 members Latest Activity: Apr 5


    Use our Grasshopper plugin to launch IrisVR…

  • Cellular Automata for Grasshopper

    10 members Latest Activity: Mar 21

    CA4Gh is a framework for string-expression-based neighborhood-generation; a…


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