algorithmic modeling for Rhino

hello everyone, how to create similar table like this, please help me create it. Thank you very much

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Hello Joseph Oster's, I installed the anemone and downloaded the dmytry demo file to study, but his code is very long and complicated, I do not understand the code. you can see my file and tell me i am missing something, or do a brief example help me. thank you very much


Yeah...  or I could do nothing.  I looked at your code but don't have the time to sort it out for you, sorry.  As Michael suggested (and though I've never tried it myself), Peacock is probably your best bet:

ok Joseph Oster, thank you for watching this topic, but i still hope you or someone can view and edit the file help me because i think anemone is really useful for my

peacock has tools you are looking for, for instance the one in the image circled in red. 

I used peacock. It doesn't please me, for example prongs are not in the right place. Give me advice

"Give me advice"

Sure, learn a bit about how to use the software before trying very complex stuff. 

Did you just create and delete another thread for this?  I started a reply and now have nowhere else to post it.  :(

If you must create a new thread, please acknowledge the code that I referred to earlier, which answers your question specifically - even though you found it too complex.

Second, there is no reason to be using that person's 1.3 MB Rhino file when you are using just two curves for your new GH model.  Those two curves, one of which is a mirror of the other, can be internalized in your GH file.  I did that in the attached copy.

Third, you probably need to learn how Anemone works by finding and/or creating a simpler example.

Finally, for now at least, I have simplified some aspects of your code to make it more readable and easier to understand.  I think the yellow group is getting off on the wrong track and there are better ways, but it's a start.

The purple group (not shown) containing Anemone code is useless as is.






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