algorithmic modeling for Rhino

hi everyone...i have problem in creating voronoi on surface....of course:

i created voronoi on surface.but i have a error of cap holes...:D

but I think maybe this whole approach is wrong ..

if anyone has better idea....To help me:D

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I think cap holes only work on edges in the same plane.

You can use patch (maybe a component here en the forum) or you can use surface from edges.


Surface from edge need more that one curve, so you have to divide your curve in two (i use divide domain and then subcurve). The last part is to match data structure to join the brep so you can get a closed brep (maybe you need that).


 save image to see it larger. realy nice...tanx very very much for is help...

please give me gh file this voronion....again tanx 

sorry but i didnt save the definition...

but its goes something like this:

extrude -> brep edges -> graft -> divide domain -> sub curve -> 2 list items -> edge surface -> path mapper -> merge -> join brep


doble click on canvas and search for names :D


oh yes...tanx a loat...these names will help me...

tanx for dear friend :D

again new problem
the complete volume and does not cover the front and bottom
i think i have wrongs
Please help me

Hey Ali.

Here´s another way, yet it is similar, no path mapper required





wow...tanx a have done very creative...

but i cant the ring out the cover....and you cover or caping in the ring...

to the see this photo....this is one of my old work  with the pic base surface is flat..
but this time base surface is deformations...and i whant voroni on the deformations surface....

this volume with the command :InterpcrvOnSrf...this is i consider

forget about the definition that i post.. and your extrude...


just split the surface with voronoi curves, then sort the surfaces synchronously using the area, reverse the list and list item the first, thats the surface that you want.

Then extrude surf, find edges on base and extrude srf and loft.



tanx a lot ....this is a very complex qnd good..i do it...i reported the results:D

tanx :D

thank RWNB its his definition.
michael, we developed the def. together. (:






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