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I'm trying to make a realistic simulation of a fabric hyperbolic paraboloid. To do so, I've applied [Kangaroo] with [Spring] force object to a line net extracted from an abstract Hyperbolic Paraboloid, a simple [4 point surface]. The result of this step it's pretty cool, but i'm stuck:

1. How do I reconstruct a surface or a mesh from the output of [Kangaroo]? (I'm out of ideas). As you can see in the picture, the order of the points is a complete mess.

2. Any sugestions of forces to apply for a more realistic result?

Thanks :)

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What you have is already as "realistic" as it gets. The behavior of realistic fabric depends more on how the mesh quads behave. With the diagonals you get a pretty stiff material which is more like a plastic membrane. Removing those will give it a more textile feel as the quads are able to shear a bit more.

One other thing is the borders. normally those would have a higher stiffness than the membrane itself. You can add stiffnes to the borders by adding springs for the naked edges (Weaverbird works best IMO).

That said, let's see the mesh problem. You can simply triangulate the mesh from the output points. This might give you some unwanted topology though. The way I prefer is to do all the subdivision for the springs endpoints on a mesh plane and feed the subdivided mesh into the kangaroo geometry. This will give me a nice mesh that behaves accordingly.

HI :)

Tnx for answering.

You can use [Kangaroo] directly on a [Mesh UV] using [wbEdges] as "connection" input. But the line mesh i've posted before gives a far more accurate output, as curvature in the edges is more continous and smooth. So, I think I should carry on with this way adding your suggestions, but I don't know how to give a higer stiffness to the borders only, nor "do all the subdivision for the springs endpoints on a mesh plane and feed the subdivided mesh into the kangaroo geometry". Do you have an example of this you can share?

you were close...

See what i mean with doing all the subdivs on the mesh?


Excellent!!!  Thank you very much!



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