algorithmic modeling for Rhino

i was just wondering if there was a way to shatter a curve into segments from the points where a tangent touches it.

or to divide a curve at the points where the tangent touches it?

basically i want to shatter the circles shown in the picture at the tangent points so i can join it to create a single floor plate around an atrium

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Hi Dominic, just for fun I tried to avoid shatter and subcurve and so on (so many way to approach this..), but did this instead:
hope this helps.

thanks Pieter nice method but its not quite right for what im doing, basically im my picture the outer tangents are made with the tanEx component and the internal circle is formed with the tArc component.

i basically need to explode the original circles at the tangent intersection so i can join them to form the floor plates.

im thinkig i might just bake the lines and points and trim it manually as nothing i try seems to work atm

actually i solved the problem, i guess more accidentally than anything i had to graft a a tree of the points where the tangent hits the original circles then it could be used as a list to shatter the circles into three segemnts

thanks again for the help

ok actually that hasnt worked... not sure why but now it has three circular curves there...

You lost me Dominic~: Can you explain more precise what you want, preferably with your definition so far. If you could also model the desired outcome in Rhino and upload that, I bet you'll get an answer.

that's is what I wanted to do, trim it to make two continuous curves that defined the floor plate.

The tangent arcs that make the void in the centre can be adjusted, so here the shape has changed. I baked it and trimmed it in rhino but I'd be interested to know how to do this in grasshopper, if it is possible.

I'll post the definition as it was then. 

youll just need to create a point in rhino to start

You seem to have forgotten to attach the file, but I think I see what you mean. I just made some additions to what I had before, so its a bit mixed techniques now. Anyway I hope this helps.


i had attached the file at the top, but thanks a lot, that would do the job, a lot neater than how i had done it too, guess im a little in experienced at thie really

thanks again 

Doh! Yes, I found your file now, I can't explain how I missed that ~:)
Thanks, and your welcome.
Also, I think I missed out on the opportunity to use the PolyArc component:







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