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Question about setting parameter for Graph Mapper and making an animation of it?


This is my first time learning grasshopper and I have a question. 

I have an assignment where I need to analyze different parameters of a project (Absolute Tower by MAD). I chose tower rotation as one of the parameters and I wonder if I can make the Graph Mapper component applied to rotation (please see the attached jpg file) as a parameter and change it on a slider to animate compression in rotation of the tower moving from the bottom to the top. Some what like a vertical spring with fixed ends bouncing up and down in the middle part. 

I would really appreciate if someone with more experience in grasshopper can help me with this. Thank you!!:D


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Here's a setup that allows you to use a slider to animate between two states of a graph mapper. That might be a first step in what you're trying to accomplish.

It worked very well. Thank you very much :D

Great solution. Still would be interesting to have inputs for graph controls for Galapagos or something.






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