algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi all,

need help with an easy one.

Building a circles grid with multiple attraction points that control the circles scale.

Ive seen the tutorial but it works just for 2 attractors. I need to add as many as i want.

Ive been trying but never works..


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use the pull point works wonders. From the distance output you will need to remap those value to correspond with the range of radii you want for your circles...
Check out the attached user object. The tooltip has info on the inputs.
EDIT: changed it so it shows in a more appropriate subcategory.
in the tooltip the [] should be [...]
How about the attached? A variable number of attractors basically means grafting the data so you can compare each point with every attractor, then perform mass addition on the total set of forces.

David Rutten
Poprad, Slovakia
Wow, thanks a lot to everyone. Really grateful. Cheers!!


i have a question, if i need to use the attractor points on a closed planar curve or on a surface which comand should i use . Those ghx are all on grid i'm askimg how i can parametrize a closed curve or a surface at the same way ..

thanks in advance

THANK YOU!! I've been watching tutorials to no avail all day (todays my first day using this). I made a really nice pattern to have laser cut on fabric (for the skin of a building). Sweeeeet!


Thank you, this is a great and simple solution! I'm trying modify this definition to extrude voronoi surfaces. I have it working with extruding the circles that are placed at the voronoi centers, but when I try to connect the extrude component to the voronoi surfaces, it lags forever and then produces a random result, or sometimes, uniform extrusions. Can't figure out what I'm missing! Any thoughts? Files attached.

Here it is working with the extruded circles...

Just Graft a data List or Flatten a data Tree

otherwise it calculates NxN times..

Thanks Jissi, that worked perfectly!

Thanks Jissi, I'm trying to apply this same technique but Im running into issues. I'm trying to scale the voronoi cells based on an attractor but can only get it to account for one point, even when setting multiple points. I tried setting up a graft component between the area and diet component but that locked up the definition, as well as your suggestions above. Any thoughts?

Hi David, is this definition a modified version of the one above in this discussion? Are you able to share it? I am trying to seek a similar pattern - a kind of circle packing/voronoi and I would like to apply this to a surface.






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