algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi everybody this is a problem that i have often come up against in some form or other...

basically its to do with list management example would be having a list of 100 points (each point has a X,Y,Z coordinate), and wanting to dispatch these items into a given number of new lists, or similary create a given number of branches in the data tree. so to carry on the example lets say that i have a list of 100 poins that i want to split into 25 new lists of 4 points each that i will then use to make 25 polylines.

I would like to be able to control the number of /length of each brach or new list theough a slider also....

Is this something that people have done before ? in terms of scipting im able to read but not write if that makes sense ! but any pointers in the right direction would be really appreciated.



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I think the next release has specific components for this. But in the meantime you can use two 'series' components and a list item component. The idea is to create a path structure using only integers that represent the index values of the flat set of data.
Connect the first series component to the first number input of the second one and the second one to the index input of the list item component. Connect the 1-dimensional list of data into the 'L' input of the list item component.
The first series component should output the first index value of each of the paths and the second series component will be used to create the rest of the index numbers inside each path.
Hi vicente

thanks for the reply... i ll look into it today


I just posted the equivalent of Vicente's suggestion here should you want to see it in more detail.
Hi benjamin

thanks for the reply.... thats pretty much what i came up with by after reading vicente's post, but thanks a lot anyway







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