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Hi all,


I am new to grasshopper so this is a bit over my head.  I am creating a pattern to be cut out on a laser cutter using a hexagon grid.  I have attached what I already have but I am looking to begin to deform the grid and pattern to vary in density and size.  It makes sense that you might use an attractor to do so but I am not sure how to make it deform the grid and then have the internal shapes follow as well.

This is basically what I am imaging, which is from:

However, I can't retreive the file to figure out how apply it to my pattern.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



This is a pic of what I have cut out.


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Thank you!!!!!!


Hi guys,
is possible to add more 2 points attractors to co-de's sistem?

I tried many time to do it, but without success.

Many thanks,


Thank you very much for the ghx, now I also Kangaroo!!

I would like to adapt this configuration an irregular surface, but the problem is that I can not trasform the surface in a grid with a exit to "cell as tree", as in the example that you sent me.

I hope find a solution!!


Very nice Travis






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