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I was preparing a model using Galapagos optimization algorithms and Geco+Ecotect to calculate the Fitness value.


I have no problem simulating a few elements shanding the facade, but running the problem with 25 sliders (3 possible positions each), galapagos send me an error when it's running for long time.


I've uploaded a screenshot with the error. Galapagos and Ecotect run and calculate 100 values and then the errors appear ( I guees that 100 values are 50pop*boost).


Using old Galapagos, Geco and Grasshopper there is no problem at all running definition.


Galapagos conf:


Using evolutionary solver.

Max.Stagnant: 40

Population: 50.

Boost: x2

Manintain: 5%

Inbreeding: 75%


25 sliders with 3 possible values: 0.01, 0.09, 0.018


Best Regards.



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Hi Angel,


this is a bug, you need to replace the old Galapagos object with a new one, as Coupling types are not properly deserialized, creating a new object will fix this.



David Rutten

Leusden, Holland

Trying right now! Thanks for the fast reply! 


Tonight I'm going to keep my computer running hopping a solution tomorrow in the morning :)





I hope you won't run out of memory until then :)



David Rutten

Leusden, Holland

Good morning!, Enough free memory in my computer, but calculus are really slow (only 12 generations done in more than 8 hours)...4 local minimal found. 


Perhaps I've not setted correctly the values...50 generations with 25 sliders could be not necesary to find a good solution...


I'll keep the process running until afternoon.


Best Regards.




I have the same problem because i was using an old version of GrassHopper. But now i have an other problem: Galapagos is not respecting the Max Stagnant number!

Using the old version of GrassHopper, i never had this type of problem.





5 stagnant and 5 population works for me


I'm using Diva for Rhino and Galapags. I'm using the new version of GrassHopper and  i insert a new Galapagos component but i have always the same problem, Galapagos respect the Population parameter but not the Max Stagnant one.

Could you help me to resolve this problem.





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