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Is it possible to extrude a curve/surface along another curve? Right now, I only find the Pipe component. Is it possible to extrude a rectangle or any other shape along a path?


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[Sweep1] is the way to do it when the extrusion curve is not a line.

Here's a definition I made:

Here's another:

Well you can try sweep, there's been plenty of great models produced with that.

But by the same token, many users have also found it problematic if trying to get specific orientations etc.

Although not restricted to structure (you can define your own libraries of profile shapes that represent anything), I've added tools to parametrically sweep profiles in accordance with typical structural steel modelling programs. There is a library with common profiles for regional steel mills (and I'm happy to add any profiles missing or for timber etc), and you can update the profile table and recalculate the grasshopper definition and it will update. I posted a screen capture using the 2012 stadium as an example, you can see it here.

If it's of interest, don't hesitate to get in touch.

All right,
Thanks guys.

Is that a screenshot of a Rhinoscript plug in that you've been working on?

Hi Kermin,

It's a rhino plug-in, but I've started integrating many commands across to Grasshopper components. You can check out the blog, which has lots of youTube screen captures and example files to test the tools with.

Feel free to get in touch if you want to learn more or get some advice as to how it may help.



Sweep will make the curve always perpendicular to the path, while extrude along curve the extruded curve direction remains the same..

Your definition give same result as sweep.

still don't know how to extrude crv along crv :(((
Try with the "Sum surface" component. It should give basically the same results as Rhino's extrude along path.

- Giulio






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