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hi there...


is there a way of disabling components just in particular cases e.g. when certain values occur? some sort of toggling components by value this would mean. happy for any idea solving the problem. thanx in advance and merry xmas.



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you need to use components such as larger, smaller or similiar, and than output true/false values into cull pattern component (as pattern)...

dear mateusz,


thank you for your advice but i think we have a misunderstanding. i haven´t been talking about a sorting algorithm. i was thinking about components that can be (de)activated in certain cases. maybe these kind of questions should better be adressed to david so he can do a little programming.






you could use mateusz idea and use a dispatch component, so youll get two posible outputs. If one output es empty, it will work like a "disable" component...





hi manuel,


i think it´s better to give an example, so we understand the topic a little better. or maybe i´m off course and you can give me a simple solution.




Hi Ante:

You should use a dispatch component conceted with the inclusion component, and a culling component, that will work as a disable.


p.d. notice that when the slider is at 14 the function is true and the circle exists. When the slider is at 15 the function is false and the circle doesn´t exists.


Easiest way to achieve the result is to make all the srf first. And cull the items that meets your criteria:
Despite, I would still want to know if David would thought about the option of introducing a trigger, that if False would turn off a component. Because that would result in less calculation and saves much time.


Perhaps the "enable component" option could be implemented like Galapagos, where an extra battery points to the components, and determine if the component is enabled or not.

Hi Victor:


I totally agree with you because the enable/disable component would be faster to set some functions and would optimze the computer calculating time.

Hi Paloma,

hi Victor,


I have the impression that the idea of developing the enable/disable-option by triggering it with a false/true-routine will make it possible to connect different programming alternatives much easier. It would introduce if/then-statements with grasshopper and as you already stated, surely be an optimization tool. I suggested the implementation to David. Maybe he´ll go for the idea. At least, it sounds plausible. 






p.s. thank you both for your valuable advice :o)

I know this is an old thread, but is there anyway yet to enable / disable a component or cluster based on some type of value (e.g. true/false)?

I know that dispatch can be used to divert a stream, but what I often run into is a situation where several components have multiple outputs.  Basically, I want to pick and choose which component is active and produces the output streams.  If I do it with dispatch I have to put that dispatch onto every output stream which can get really messy.  What I think would work out much better is to have a Boolean enable channel on the components so I can just turn off the entire component / cluster.  That would provide an effective way of having mass dispatch.






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