algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I made this script for capturing screenshots to files automatically. You can create image file ( bmp, tga, jpg, pcx, png, tif ) from current view with using Rhino -ViewCaptureToFile

I used this for making sequence for animation Alphabetical Echo



- Write to PathToFile like C:\Users , without final "\"
- Extension can be bmp, tga, jpg, pcx, png or tif
- Don't forget to set Activate to  "False"  before close the GH file

UserObject:  Current View Capture.ghuser  | UserObject lies in User/Default menu
Example GH file:  Current View

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Hmm, you're right, I don't get it either. Worked with an existing folder using the full path: "C:\Documents and Settings\" etc,
but not with "new folder" nor with "newfolder". Confusing indeed.
Let's see what Eduard says.

It don't work only with "C:\Users\Stark\Desktop" path or with all paths, example "C:\NewFolder"?

It seems the folder is not allowed to be empty. If there is any content it works.
Does it have to do with the extra "\" in the created path maybe?

I've used  the function "PathToFile" for detect of existing of path. But it only work when in folder exist at least one any file.

I'll try to search other way for detecting not existing folder.

that's just splendid, 
thanks for sharing! 

Thanks for this, its been very helpful so far.  Right now I'm trying to adapt it to work with Multi View Capture.  I don't really know vb script at all so I'm struggling with how to get it to work.  I found the line where it says "app.RunScript("-viewcapturetofile"  and I changed it to the command _MultiViewCapture but it gets hung up and wont let me continue without pressing enter or clicking Capture.  

Does anyone know how to get around this?  I'm trying to automate my definition so I won't be able to press enter.





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