algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hello, everybody

I am currently trying to generate something similar to this algorithm described here: with the only difference that I am after the longer path alternative in the smoothing step. 

First I am trying to generate the curve between obstacles with voronoi, but for this I need to cull some, and I cant accomplish it....

This is the intended result:

But his is what I am getting:

Thanks for any help, I have uploaded the gh.


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You can use the collision tool to check if there's an intersection event instead. Then we use a not gate to flip the boolean value, giving only the results that don't collide.


Great, Thanks.

Now anyone has any idea on how to follow up with the next steps of the alogarithm?
Control Point Subdivision and the Smoothing by Control Point Removal and
Addition and Bezier Curve Construction?

They create convex hulls that do not collide with the regions and then use those to create Bezier curves, but I cant tell how to translate this into gh..

I am actually just looking for a way to smooth this path, Bezier curves seemed like a nice idea.

Why staying with the paper ? Nurbs curve could be as good as Bezier ! You could make nurbs curve that end at each intersection. You will have to use sandbox for line topology and remove duplicate lines also... The cross are the control points. The circle the intersections. So 8 Nurbs curves at the end.

Hey Laurent would you be so kind to pass on the def?

Thanks man

Here is the file, you will need Kangaroo for Remove Duplicate Lines, not mandatory and could be replaced by Vanilla GH. Necessary is SandBox for the topology







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