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Hi everyone,

I want to know if it is some way to import a picture in some component in Grashopper an get the corremponding value from a defined point like the picture below..

or the value base in the color of the bild in relation to a defined color scale? se picture below

I really apreciate your help


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You can sample colours at specific points using the [Image Sampler] component, but there are no tools for interpreting images such as OCR or spline fitting. Converting images with gradients back to numbers has been done several times in the past, it must be possible to find something by searching the forums.

thanx David for your fast answer...

I tryed already with Image sampler but the problem is that I don know whre am I when I give some values for x or y

for instace in the first case I would like to get somthin like this

Then I can with some correlation  say that If I am in x=442.81 than x=1.7 and y=should be 28...but the Image Sampler dont schow me Where I am located..

in the second case

I need just to know wich color and where I am picking than with some command I can say if I get RGB(254,183,5) correspont to a value from -24 ...

thanks for your help David

You can use the image component which put a mesh in Rhino and then use Rhino to put, lines, points ... geometries with known positions on the graph and on Rhino and then interpolate new points in GH. 






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